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Advice on reheating pulled pork.

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Need some advice on reheating 4 butts worth of pulled pork? I'm going to smoke 4 butts for my cousins graduation party,and I was planning on doing them the day before. I was wondering what would be the best way to reheat the pulled pork without drying it out? We have several roasters or crockpots? I have only smoked butts which around here go for about 1.39 to 1.49 a #. I can get bone in picnic roast for a 1.18 a #. Just wondering preference for the finished product butt vs. picnic.

Thanks Jason
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I have a couple of crockpots just for that reason, I set them to warm, and if I notice them drying out I have added apple juice and mixed well. I guess if you are using a finishing sauce that might be better to keep moist.

Excellent information here at Virginia Cooperative Extension

aka Rocky
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If it's already pulled you could cover the tray/pan with tin foil and reheat in a 225* degree oven. For how long? That all depends on if it's all in one pan or not.
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Personally I save the juice and defat it and add that back to the pork. Then when I get ready to reheat I add finishing sauce and foil the pan and either into an oven at 225 or back on the smoker at 225. I use the large throw away aluminum roasting pans then just cover them tight with foil.
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OHHHHH! Let me tell you a horror story. My wife's whole family came down for a visit. There were lots of people so they rented a condo. So to welcome the "northers" to the "south" I smoked up some meat. I smoked ribs chicken and two pork shoulders. The family LOVED the Q. The next day they decided to "reheat" the pulled pork. After work I arrived to the condo to a horrible sight. They had taken the pork and dumped it in a pot and then dumped in TWO bottled of KRAFT BBQ sauce. Oh and did I mention that they had it SIMMERING! AHHHHHHHH! The meat was stringy and limp and coated with this sick sweet Kraft sauce.

But you know the worst part. I mean the really bad part, they actually liked it that way. eek.gif
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I do about the same thing Piney does. If you save all the juice to add back after you pull it, then add your finishing sauce before you reheat it, it'll come out like it just came off the smoker, tender and juicy.
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In my experience the picnic has more flavor then the butt, but the picnic doesn't yeild as much product as a butt. Fer large groups I buy both an mix.

Fer caterin, I place the meat in a roaster an rewarm that way, usin some saved juices fer keepin it moist. ALWAYS heat to over 140* an maintain that temp!

Keep the lid on, saves it from dryin out. Ya can use chafer pans to, just watch yer temps, don't wan't it gettin to hot which will dry it out an over cook it an ya gotta stay ABOVE 140*.

Apple juice will work as a moisturizer as well. Ya gotta watch how much finishin sauce ya add, cause it will continue to break down the meat, I add some durin pullin an then put a bottle out fer the folk ta add more ifin they choose to.

Long term storage, I put the meat in vac bags, then put on a big pot a water an bring ta a boil, turn it off an put the packs in it till they reach 140*. Nice an juicy!

Good luck.
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>>>Long term storage, I put the meat in vac bags, then put on a big pot a water an bring ta a boil, turn it off an put the packs in it till they reach 140*. Nice an juicy<<<

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Yep a crock pot or dutch oven works great. Never used a roaster so I can't say, but why wouldn't it. As said earlier defat juice then add to your pork. Also give yourself plenty of time to reheat. It takes a while comming from the frig to 140* especialy in a crock or a 225 or 250 oven. Enjoy wink.gif
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Thanks for all the help everybody. I know how my butts turn out for eatin right away, but I wanted some advice on reheating forthe same quality. Thanks again piney, travcoman,rocky, dude, blacklab ,and every body else for the great advic for my cousins graduation party.

Sorry surfer that your family dumped a bunch of sauce on your que and toasted the smoke flavor.

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Good luck. Keep us updated on your progress.
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icon_eek.gificon_sad.gif What a sad story. At least they enjoyed it
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I can beat that. A few days after my first bulk smoke (4 butts) I came home from work to find my wife heating all of it in the microwave. 12 hours of work down the drain! icon_sad.gif

Even worse is that she still claims there is no difference and can't figure out why I'll "do all that work when you could buy some Lloyd's".
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ok i have got a great way to reheat.  Get a pot, some apple juice and a veggie steamer basket.  get the apple juice to a boil (about 1 cup) and steam the pork until heated.  about 3 minutes.  It works great, and doesn't dry out the meat.

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Thanks for this thread.....so what is the best way to "Save All the Juice" so I can add it back when reheating for the big event the next day.


Moon Dog

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