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I'm not a chatty guy so I dont post much, but this one requires a compliment... WOW! That was awesome!
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Double WOW!
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fabulous concept!
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THAT RULES! PDT_Armataz_01_40.gifpoints.gif
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wow!!! now that is what its all about with fatties. anything you imagine is possible with these things. my opinion.... you have set a new level, at least for the appearance sake!!! out of curiousity, you mentioned you wont do it again probably. is it cost, amount of work, or is it spectacular but just not that good??? i know how it is cause i have built some myself and not shared because the combos just didnt turn out. any rate points to you man!!! again wow!!!, if anything the effort put into it...
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The main reason I probably wont make that fatty again is just the amount of work that went in to it. The thing tasted great. But you could achieve the same taste without all of the extra work I did to make it pretty. Removing the bones entirely would save a lot of work. I will no doubt make a more simple version in the future. Using the lamb rack is also a bit pricey, I got mine for $16 on sale. Similar results could be had from cheaper cuts. The whole thing cost me around $60. That is including all the spices and everything. All and all I am very proud of the way it turned out and am glad that I did it. Hopefully it will inspire someone else to come up with something even better.
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Nothing like raising the bar on the fatty throwdown with only a week and a half to go! That is fine looking stuff.

Now my brain is working overtime...
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What everyone else said. WOW. points.gif
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Looks great. Points! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Pretty late on checking this one out Fired Up, been unbelievably busy the past few days so I missed a LOT!
You did an awesome job with that, really great!
Points to say the least. I would have never thought to do something like that. You opened up a whole new world to fattie inventiveness for me.
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Thanks to everyone for all of the nice comments. I never would have thought of this idea without you guys.
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OUTSTANDING! thats all I can say.
the bar my friends is VERY high! super points for sure
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Just saw this. All I can say is wow, I will definitely be trying this. I make my gyro meat basically the same way cept I just run through the grinder twice, let set overnight and then put in a mesh tube and on to the grill and rotisserie.
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wow - not only the most unusual and imaginative fatty I've seen, but an all lamb one and a $60 fatty to boot !
Reckon you've set a couple of records there :-)
And like everyone else, gotta give points :-)
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jease la wease !!!! that is insane !!!!
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My gosh thats beautiful!
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Excellent job this throwdown is getting down right tough to judge.
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that looks awesome. question about the tzatziki sauce. when i drive to las vegas i always stop at the mad greek. i think their sauce has dill instead of mint. anyhow its awesome and i cant replicate it even though i use greek yogurt, but i use dill and not mint. maybe i should try mint
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I know that this is an old post, but I just stumbled on it and had to say PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

It's so funny that I found this, for two reasons. 1) I was searching for 'lamb' as I have a leg I was thinking about smoking tomorrow and, so was looking for help. But 2) I was lying in bed last night wide awake and thought . . . 'A gyro fatty! That sounds great, but how would I do it?' I've been thinking on and off all day about how to do it, and 'Eureka, I found it!!', completely by accident.

I've said it before and I'll say it again . . . I'm amazed by the quality and creativity of folks on this board!

Thanks (late) for the post! points.gif

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Excellent smoke my friend. Just goes to show you what can come out of a thought...
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