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quesion on a homemade smoker

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i've been having thoughts on trying to build a homemade smoker. now if I was to use a large say propane tank, in theory I could take the controls off a barbeque, get a regulator and some burners. now I've never attempted anything like this before, but I'm a pretty handy guy and I'm confident I could fabricate it, however I dont have much experience with propane and the accessories. will propane make enough heat for a large smoker if I had the burners in an offset box, or on one end of the smoker and made the chimney on the opposite end? is it not practicle due to expense of propane and would use too much for a large scale smoker? anyone out there attempt this yet and have any input? thanks
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i have used parts from an old propane grill. and am going to fabricate something again for my build.

i used this site as a guideline...

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room service cart smoker

it sounds like you are are on the right track....believe it or not most things you will need are available through your home improvement retailers or there are web sites that have all kinds of burners and other goodies, just do a search for smoker burnersor here is a site that had a wide variety of parts....http://bayouclassicdepot.com/index.htm
i also had a smoker idea using a propane tank as the firebox using burners as the heat source....i was going to mount 55 gallon drums on each end to use as the smokeboxes....i was thinking big!!
i am currently building a smoker out of a stainlees steel room service cart as a smokebox mounted on a pivot over a trailer so that it will travel in a horizatal position and pivot into a vertical position for smoking over the firebox which will be a iron box with 3 burners from a gas grill as a heat source......since the firebox is seperate from the smokebox i will be able to pipie the smoke into a proofrack and use it as a cold smoker as well ......as i say this is a work in progress that i hope to have done in a month or so
let me know how its going

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thanks dune head looks like a great site
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