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Skewered beef and veggies

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Had these last night, quick and GOOD. If your in a hurry but still want something good, use the barbie like I did last night, if ya got more time they'd be great on the smoker, even better I bet.

Cube up some steak, trim the fat and such and marinate it over night. I used 50% Terryaki and 50% pineapple juice, but you could use anything you like.

Cut up your favorite veggies, we like onion and pepper. We put some olive oil on the veggies with a little shaker veggie seasonings.

Get some skewers, we use wood (soak em in water first so they don't burst into flames!). Stick the goodies on and grill or smoke em!

They were awesome!! Had some garlic bread with them for a side. :)
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Nice K-bobs! I will have to try the pineapple juice thanks for the idea.
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Thanks, they were awesome. We used to go to a steak house and their terryaki steak was so good, one day we asked the waitress what that other flavor was, she leaned over and told us about the 50-50 pineapple and terryaki mix. I'm going to do a pineapple-terryaki pork roast this weekend :)
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Have fun on the roast this weekend. I never liked just plan teriyaki so I am looking forwarding to the twist. Not sure what we have in store this weekend but I have a B-Day party to attend so I might smoke something on Friday and have it ready for Saturday.

Hummm.... A round maybe.
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Ron, those look great! Thanks for the post! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice, real nice! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks everyone! :)

(yes I agree, terryaki by itself isn't so hot, the pineapple totally changes it to a kind of hawiian thing sp?)
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Looks good Ron. What's on tap for this weekend?
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Nice looking kabobs! I also like some cherry tomatoes on mine. Maybe it's just a color thing.
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Oh wow, I'm always looking for new ways to prepare beef on the smoker and this hits the spot! Definite points for the idea and sharing with us! icon_razz.gif
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Great Q

I recently made some Terryaki Sauce fram a recipe I found. Have been wanting to expand on it and now I think I have found a twist. Great idea! Thanks for the Q-view icon_idea.gif
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Hey thanks for all the great feedback guys :-) Hope you guys like it too if you try it!

Steve: Got 3 pork roasts marinating in the rest of the terryaki, pineapple juice and threw some garlic in there too. Going to do them in the upper rack of the BBQ so we can eat before midnight lol. But I will put some wood in there, so they will be smoked too :) How about you?
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Hey Ron,
I expect to do some grilling this weekend. Haven't decided just what yet. No smoking this weekend. We're going on a cruise on Monday, and will be tieing up a lot of loose ends this weekend. I don't want to have to be near the smoker for a half day or longer. I have 1 pack left of the Sirloins I salted and grilled a few weeks ago. That's high on the list. So are the Pork chops and Chicken pieces in the Freezer.

So much food, so little time!
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Thanks sir!:)

Your grilling too eh? Guess we all have to save time this weekend! A cruise? Very cool!! Where ya go'en? How long? Sounds like a blast!
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ron -



(if you want to.....)PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Sounds cool, thanks!...

how do I link it up? post a link or copy my original post in that thread?
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that would be the easiest way - that way, you don't have to re-type everything there but at the same time, everyone can keep up with what you're doing while they see what's up on the OFFICAL thread! lol
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We're going 4 days to the Bahamas. It's our 25th aniversary. We have two full time college students, so we didn't want to get too crazy $$$$$wise I'm kind of wondering why we didn't buy a 6 or 7 day cruise now. But it's fine, we've never cruised, so I guess a short cruise will get our feet wet (hopefully without the ship sinking.) We're snorkeling in Freeport, Gambling in Nassau, and who knows what else?
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OK cool I think I catch what your up to now :)
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