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First mod on the SnP

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Follow along it doesnt take much explaining to understand what im doing. If you need me to explain anything i will. In the middle of starting a fire to get some St Loius style ribs going. I sure hope this helps you Tasunka.

A little video if the pics dont speak loud enough
foil modification video

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Nice idea using the pipe insulation.
So I'm assuming the SnP doesn't have a super great seal around the barrel part of it?
I've been debating between a GOSM and a SnP for some time now but have decided on the SnP. I know both need mods and such but still need to read up on exactly what the best mods for the SnP are.
If anyone could throw me a good link on some great mods to make it preform like a Queen I would really appreciate it.
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kris -

thanks for posting this - i'll be giving it a try and will also be discussing rivet's mods with my oldest son when he is home next week. he's training to be a welder and i'm hoping that he can lend a hand with some of the welding work.

quick question - it looks like the grill grates are what secures the foil/insulation. please confirm this?

thanks, and keep posting!
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Glad to help you out there, here's a link to all my SnP mods. I got some ideas from here, some are my own and good luck to you in making yours personal. The SnP is a great unit and can be tweaked to whatever level you want, I think. keep us posted.
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Thank Rivet! I knew someone could help me out, and lo and behold you once again came through with some great help.
Quite a bit of modding you ended up doing. Excellent pics and great ideas. Thanks so much for the great link and quick response.
Now I really can't wait to get the new smoker. And of course I will post pics as the process goes on.
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Here you go.

No welding required.

Nice idea, superfast. I think though you'll get more bang for the buck though with some of the other mods. I never did worry too much about the seal between the lid and the smoking chamber. Also remember you got a 3" hole (the stack) that stays open all the time. Or at least it should.

But if you live in a cold climate there may be some merit to sealing the cook chamber better. Just be aware that you may cause problems with draft if you seal it up too much. That is what Fireguy reported when he sealed up his anyway.

Have fun.

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Thanks Dave!
Wow! With all of the great tips I have gotten and am still getting I feel really confident I will be able to make some great smoke. Hopefully thin and blue all the way...
This site is awesome and you guys are great. Couldn't ask for a more helpful site or group of people.
Did I say thanks? Well hell, I still can't thank everyone enough.
If one day I am actually able to open some form of a Q joint (that's my dream) then you are all welcome in for a free meal and some brews.
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This mod cost me no more than 5.00 so i put it up to a high bang for the buck. I forgot to say the fiberglass cost 3.49 at home depot and the foil i already owned(so maybe .50 in foil). I still plan to do the other mods but im having a hell of a time finding the scrap metal i can use. I will not pay 30.00 for a 12x12 piece of steel. My mods will happen in due time after i find the material. I would like to do one large burn off process for all the scraps but after i get a majority of the stuff made. I have a few extra secrets i plan to do also.
Dave, Rivet, Tasunka, thanks for the help. I will keep everyone updated.
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keep up the good work, and keep a picto-log of everything you do!
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Tasunka, im sorry i didnt answer that question i feel like a total ass hat.

Yes, the grills are holding them in place. im thinking about doing the back side also, but that is where it swings open so im not sure if it would get caught.

I still have about over 1/2 the roll i started with so i might try a few different techniques. This has worked well though.

One thing i did notice with the tight seals. I put the hot water container like i normally did and after i checked the first time i pulled it out because the inside of the cooking chamber was a sauna. There was water on all the walls and i was under the impression i was STEAMING my food instead of smoking it. I did take the tray out with the water and the humidity went down, however i didnt have a way to compare if it was hurting.

Is humidity bad?
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>>>i feel like a total ass hat.<<<

no need for that, kris! i was pretty sure the answer was yes, but wanted to be certain ~ thanks ~

as for your question about humidity, that's a good one. i would tend to agree with you that there must come a pint when you were steaming rather than smoking. will be interested in seeing the answers from some more experiences folks.

i'm guessing that there must be a good combination of heat and air flow to prevent this - perhaps a lower-reaching chimney or a chimney mounted lower (i've read where people put a new one in coming out the end of the cooking chamber about 2/3 the way down). it could also be (and i am not sure) that by sealing thems up better to retain heat, the water pan is not necessary to act as a heat sink.

not sure about any of this, but will be interested in reading the thoughts of others!
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No. Humidity is GOOD, in that it keeps the food from drying out. Unless it's too humid, in which case the old smoke stuck to the walls of your cooking chamber drips onto your food. That's not desirable.
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