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Great looking job! Now I know what that orange glow to the west this morning was.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Nice group of flavors.
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Wowsers! I think my colon hurts just looking at that. But man, brilliant idea. I think I'll do one similar for myself. I know the wife and kids won't touch it.
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Awesome looking fattie! I made one with chorizo, pablamo's, anaheim's and other stuff but was leery of adding the avacado to it. I was afraid it would lose its color and texture, so I served the avacado on the side. How did they hold up in the smoker?
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They held up well and color stayed a nice green as far as taste I couldn't really tell you it was so hot and it was hard to make out all the flavors from the heat lol.
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Congrats on that FATTY, great combo of flavors. You do have the southwest feel for pleasing the taste buds, it's all good my friend.
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i am mexican and will definitely be trying this recipe, without the seeds hehehe.

chorizo has tons of grease. does it drip off?
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DAYAMMM!!! I be hongry. points.gif
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I would love to try this. I'm sure I would be saying "who dat's hot" tho...

Nice job!
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Quite a bit drips off in the smoke I ended up still patting mine dry a bit just to get the puddled grease off.
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