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Meco 5031

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I think my Char Broil electric smoker has given up on me. I found someone on Craigslist selling a new-in-box Meco 5031 for $30.

Is this a decent smoker, or would it be better to get an ECB and do the usual mods to it?


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I found this for you to read.

It retails on Amazon for $147.00 so at $30.00 it might be wirth a try. The sliding doors worry me a little, but again for $30.00......
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If that is the charcoal version, I have it. It's what I learned to smoke on, but the therm will need to be replaced immediately. It reads something like "warm, ideal, hot"

It's actually a fun little smoker, for $30 bucks I'd try it.
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