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Smoker wind break

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Has anyone built and have pictures of, a portable windbreak for their smoker? I need to build one for my GOSM and was looking for ideas. It can get pretty blustery here in Kansas this time of year... Saturday, I smoked two turkey breasts and a couple of chickens and they just didn't have a lot of smoke taste to them. I could not get above 245 and the wind was around 30 - 35 mph.
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I am with you there

I am building a special patio and I thnk I will look into a wind break for it. Had a rough smoke this weekend.

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I've been having the same problem here in Oklahoma with my GOSM. Up until now I've been tryin' using my SUV and a corner of the house to break the wind, which just ain't gettin' it done. I have a couple of sheets of 4x8 plywood left over from a project last year, and I've been thinkin' of figuring out a way to use these to build an effective yet mobile wind break. I want to be able to set it up for winds from any direction, then move it/store it when I'm finished.
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Ha! I tried that one too, moved my car next to the house but the wind just whipped right through anyway.

Why not get a piece of fencing or plywood, put a few stakes on both sides so it will not blow away or crush you. That's the setup I have used many times, just pull the stakes or even pipes out of the ground when finished and you can store the wood away.
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I am not sure what they are "really" called but I saw a guy at a Chili Cook Off using what we call Welding Block Stands, They are about 4 foot wide and about 6 foot tall, metal frame with a fire retardant cloth tied to the frames.
He had 4 of them and just arranged them around his cooker. May work

I did a quick search, they are actually called welding screens.. here is a link

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A couple of possibilities - Cement backerboard or (easier) Thermyply.

Thermoply has some insulative qualities - foil side toward smoker. And if you make "hinges" - to connect the sides to the back, out of duct tape... 2 strips of tape, top-to bottom. One on the inside of the seam and then another on the outside - the whole thing folds up easily when not needed.

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I ended up moving the GOSM up against a 6 ft. fence. It helps but it ain't bulletproof.
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Two 4' x 8' sheets of 1/2" OSB cut 60" with hinges. The heght is up to you. Folds for storage. It's a little heavy but with the wind you're talking about, it sounds like heavy would be an advantage. biggrin.gif

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Dave, how do you support it from blowing over?
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I use mine on my deck, when the wind is really bad I bungie cord a sheet of plywood cut to about 4x5 to the railing on the upwind side, works ok

DDave: that would be nice, but no way it would would stand up in winds we get here in Nebraska
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"DDave: that would be nice, but no way it would would stand up in winds we get here in Nebraska"

I agree with that. Our Kansas winds would take out the plywood AND and smoker...
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With those Welding Screens or The set up DDave uses you could always use tent type stakes and rope to tie them down and secure them so the wind wont blow them down.......assuming you are set up on grass or dirt
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I made this one out of a couple old hollow core doors screwed together and screwed some old metal shelving on the top
left a slit on the top in the back about 3" to let the smoke out.
I have smoke on very cold illinois temps and winds in the 30s and it works great

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I've never really had to worry about it.



Holy cow, guys!! I thought it was windy here. Apparently, I have it better than I thought. biggrin.gif And I have a nwe found respect for you folks you live in those states and still smoke in the wind, that's for sure!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I grew up in El Paso TX, We did not have a spring! We just watched New Mexico blow by for three months! I'm glad I dont deal with wind like that anymore!
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Mine's kinda heavy but it works good, and the wind doesn't blow it down.
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I haven’t done it yet but have been planning to use some emt electrical pipe. Put a piece of 1 ½ inch emt in the ground every 2 or 3 Ft aprox 2 – 3 ft in the ground flush with the ground. Then take a few 1 inch sticks of emt as tall as you want the wind break and attach a piece of canvas to them spaced the same as the pipes you put into the ground. Just leave 2-3 ft of emt on one end with no canvas.

Stick the canvas pipes in the ground pipes then roll it up when you’re done. You can do this around the entire smoker if you want and just put it up where it’s needed.
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I've had the wind push my picnic table all the way across my deck (14'). Its pushed my 24" smoke vault a couple of feet - the force it would apply to a sheet of plywood... yeah the smoker would go down.
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I actually had the wind blow my GOSM over!! fortunately it did not have a load
of meat in it!
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My plywood would be in Texas by now! It was real windy today and yesterday!

UV Index: 2 Low Wind: From NW at 21 mph
gusting to 31 mph Humidity: 22% Pressure: 30.30 in. Dew Point: 12°F Visibility: 10.0 miles
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