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looks like my wife loves me after all!

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guys -

today's my birthday and my wife called just now from work to let me know she wanted to get me a new smoker. i have three ECBs (all with modifications). due to price and availablility up here in montana, this is the pit she will be getting me:



Brinkmann 40" Smoke 'n Pit Charcoal Smoker

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i have of course heard of the SnP, but would like for y'all to give a side-by-side comparison of the SnP and the ECB - pros, cons etc. and would also like to know the best way to squeeze the best results out of an SnP.

in short, i'd like to know if the SnP would be a "step up" from the ecb when it comes to smoke cooking and if i should take her up on this or if i should hold on to the ECBs and hold out for something else.

thanks in advance!

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Congrats on the present and Happy Birthday.

I can't help you out on comparisons as I have never cooked on either, but I am sure somebody will
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thanks for the birthday wishes, tex! looks like it's shaping up to be a decent day - i don't mean to complain, but my only complaint is that i wish the lakes would thaw a bit and we could do some fishing up here!
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Happy Birthday...and congrats on havin such an understanding wife PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Happy Birthday! Cool score...the wife's a keeper too!

Make it a great day!

BBQ Eng.
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Congratulations my friend!

I have smoked on an ECB and currently own an SnP and there is NO comparison. The ECB is exactly that. eCb. My wife bought me my SnP last spring and it is a great smoker...has a very good draw, large cooking area and can hold wood and or briquettes.

It will perform better with mods...a lot better. Tommorrow Friday I pick up the last (for now) mods from my welder and will shortly post pics of all the ones I've made. Some of the ideas I got from here and some are my own, but all help me. Feel free to use any and all.

You may never go back to a bullet smoker after this! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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rivet -

i appreciate the side-by-side and the explanations. if you have time, i'd appreciate a post outlining your mods, how, why etc. and any pix you might have. sounds like it would make a good sticky!

thanks -

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Happy Birthday and congrats on the new smoker
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Congrats! After few smokes, please start a thread with comparisons of this and the ECB.

Can someone grill on a smoker the style OP just got???
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thanks for teh birthday wishes, guys - and a comparison post will be forthcoming after i get the hang of this SnP!

steve ~ you can grill on an ECB if you want, but i am not sure about an SnP. it would seem to me that the offset nature of it would preclude any grilling, but perhaps you could put charcoal under the grates? not sure.......
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You sure can grill in the SnP. Just put a grill in the sfb and grill to your hearts content.biggrin.gif
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I grill on my Brinkman often. I think (???) you can grill on the offset firebox on your new grill, but I'm not sure.
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Oops, didn't see that post. Thanks for the info.
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Exactly. In the smokechamber, if you remove the grill grates, there is a tray/grate that is removable and has handles on each side. These may be utilized to cant the tray/grate higher on one side. You can put the Briquettes on this and then use the large smokechamber area as a huge grill. I also used to cant the thing as high as I could on the left- nearest the firebox- to help block and deflect some of the heat when I smoked. I would also put a meatloaf pan full of water right up there on the tray/grate right up against the firebox opening to add moisture and further deflect heat.
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Happy Birthday! Looks like you'll have a good one! Anything is a step up from an ECB in my opinion. I can say that cause I have one biggrin.gif
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"Hey, my name is Brinkman, and I don't get NO respect! They feed me nuttin but coal, and drills holes in my butt! It ain't EASY being me!!'
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Your wife got you a nice present, definitely think it's a nice smoker and provides more cooking surface area than the ecb.

Get that thing seasoned up and let's see some qvue! Have any idea what you want to be included in the inaugural smoke? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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LOL - good one, steve -

I gotta admit, i like my ECBs - they have enver failed to produce some very good stuff and allowed me to take third place in my first ever rib contest last year (we were only 4 votes from first place, so that tells you how good the results were and how tight the standings were!).

i will give full respect and attention to this SnP, though, and am looking forward to some good Q with it. i'll be relying on all of you for help with the most efficient mods and methods! my understanding is that the biggest issue is heat distribution and also that anything on them MUST be rotated and turned. any oher tips and pointers will be appreciated.
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>>>Get that thing seasoned up and let's see some qvue! Have any idea what you want to be included in the inaugural smoke?<<<

with luck, i'll get that done this weekend - as for the inaugural smoke - it's going to have to be ribs, although a pork shoulder/butt would be nice, too!
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I have the same one and you for sure at least want to do this mod:


This one is small enough for my wife and I, but also large enough to feed a dozen people or so.

Here's the rest of my toys:

Enjoy the S n P - I do!
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