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Smoke n Pit Mod Picd

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After reading everyone's advice I finally got at least one mod done on my Smoke n Pit. My brother is a welder so he whipped this out in a flash. It made quite a difference though. Next I am going to put some flashing down in front of the heat entry way to help from charring some stuff towards that end.

Enjoy some pics!

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Looks like that mod worked! Great Q-view.rolleyes.gif
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Looks cool, :) I'm new here too, what does the pipe do?
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It forces the flow of heat and smoke to remain at or below grill level across the horizontal travel of the smoker before it can enter the exhaust pipe. Without this mod, from the point the smoke/heat enters the chamber it makes a diagonal race to escape from the bottom left to top right of the smoking chamber, thereby leaving you with uneven smoking and temperatures. I had mine made at a muffler shop with new exhaust piping. Looks the same though, and it is one of the simplest and best things you can so to a SnP.
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ah ok, that makes sense. thanks!

a muffler shop, cool. You should put headers on it too! biggrin.gif
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I have a char griller duo and I did my own. I am a welder/Fabricator. It makes all the difference in the world!! I dont understand why the manufacturers dont make them right to begin with. Makes no sense. Same thing with the heat baffle! Makes no sense why we have to spend the money we do and have to change them! Well if nothing else its a cool feeling to make it your own!
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VTanker, that's probably because someone figgered out that they can save a penny on the 6 inch lengths of three-inch tubing per unit and that would equal a ton of money in their books. They don't understand that equals a ton of unsatisfied customers who buy the stuff anyway, because it just (barely) fits their need.

Mostly gone are the days of pride in the quality of what one produced. Mostly, though not everywhere, and that is good to know. Spend your money wisely.

I'm having a manifold made right now for my SnP. Quarter inch steel, blown (and chamfered) holes of 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 inches for smoke dissipation with a welded handle balanced for easy removal. (Pics to follow when it's done~sometime next weekend)

Basket and fire box door too. Details to come with the pics.

Don't forget though, if we didn't have the mods to be made, we would lose half the fun!

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Well, you're on the right track . . . but the problem is . . . it makes no cents . . as in dollars and cents for them. They couldn't (or won't) make them with a proper stack and baffle and still sell them for under $150.00. If you check out some of the higher end models those features are already included - plus the steel is a ot heavier.

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