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Smoker in Canada

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Hi all,

I am in Montreal, Quebec and have been smoking for about two years. My brother-in-law lives in Texas and got me hooked when we were down visiting.

He brought me my first smoker - drove it up from Dallas. It's a Brinkman vertical, can handle 75 pounds of meat and it lives at my cottage in Ontario. I then purchased a Big Green Egg for my deck in Montreal. I love both smokers - they each have unique features that make them both great, but definitely different. When I smoke meat, I usually smoke lots of it and then vacuum pack the extras and put them in the freezer. The flavor actually is more pronounced when you thaw and heat.

I love to experiment and I've thrown just about everything you can think of into the smoker - jalapeno peppers, italian tomatoes, macaroni and cheese (mmm, mmm), scallops, pineapple, brie, black beans (for an incredible black bean salsa). The only thing that I don't think worked well was mushrooms. Other than that - I think pretty much everything is a candidate for the smoker.

I'm looking forward to hanging out on the forum and picking up tips from those of you who've been at it for a while:)
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Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you are hooked. Don't worry, your among friends here. You'll find lots of good people with friendly advice.
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Welcome to the forum
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Welcome to the SMF to our neighbor to the north!!!

Good luck with all your smoking endevers!
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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to see you are enjoying your hobby. Nothing better than smoked food.
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Welcome to SMF. You'll find a lot of great info here as well as many people who love to share their knowledge of the art of smoking. biggrin.gif
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Welcome. The info you find on the SMF will blow your mind. Keep smokin'
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Welcome to the SMF, sounds like you've got a handle on a fun hobby.
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Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to your input here. :)
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Welcome.Do you smoke much with maple.
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome to SMF. lot of good infor here.
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Welcome aboard...great ta have ya here
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Cachesk ;}-

Welcome, you'll fit in wellPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Welcome to SMF! I've always suspected the richer flavor you get a few day/months later is partially due to not having been around smoke all day. But I'm just a dumb redneck and what do I know!

Look forward to seeing you around the forum.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Yes I do - it's easy to come by here and it's great with fish, seafood and pork. I can easily get cherry, apple, hickory, mesquite and maple. I would like to experiment with pecan and alder but haven't been able to find a supplier here. Smoking has only really started to take off here, but I have found one barbecue store here that has a fair range of woods and other smoking supplies.
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