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Oak is a great wood , you don't want it , load it up and send it to me...I like Oak ,less astringent that Hickory , a great pair with Pecan and long burning with lots of BTU's.


Whoever told you different is full of Poopicon_eek.gif


Have fun and as always. . .

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Well I'm in hog heaven then. I just had a ton of limbs on my pin oak trimmed and I am cutting them to fit in my firebox AND a friend of mine is letting me have an entire pecan tree that just fell at his house. This is gonna be a fun winter. :-D
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some of the greatest bbq restaurants and pitmasters in the world rely on oak. Pinoak is superb its a type of red oak (Spanish) and is about all I use when grilling fish, smoking beef, lamb, and even cheese. white oak is also great where one of the more famous is post oak (used by world famous central texas bbq restaurants. Any oak is great IMEO. Of course the black sheep of the oak family if you ask any real Texan will tell you is Blackjack. Not a favorite of the oak family but is used when need be. 

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Im also from new Smyrna, where do u get your oak from?

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yea, in Texas. oak is oa, cook on a dry day, with dry wood, and lots of air

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hicory by river, and water sheads, most citus is gone now (blite and such) oak is everywhere, laurel,water,half breed live, oaks, and turkey too

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The older the Oak is the milder, the harder the more btu's

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back yard

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