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Great job Tim, I think you got most all of us in the mood to make sausage. I just bought enough lamb casings to do 60# of sausage. I have never used natural casings so I am a little nervous, the butcher that I bought them from said, be very careful, they tangle very easy. eek.gif I hope I don't end up with a mass of tangles and have to throw them away. rolleyes.gif
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Looks great! I'm wondering how the heat is. I've been looking for a good recipe with some heat. Would you use more or less Jalapenos next time?
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is there a link to rytek's slim jim recipe?
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Check your PMs.
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I also use Ryteks recipi for sticks,and ya u need ALOT more peppers-and maybe a touch of red pepper flakes.
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I feel it is a good BASIC recipe, that lends itself well to tweaking. I at least add more mustard and garlic, then go from there.
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I made some last weekend with sheep casings. A very long surface to lay them out helps a lot. stretch them out and untangle BEFORE you untie them from the plastic ring. Then untie them and one at a time untangle and put it in the bowl of water for soaking and leave a couple inches of the end hanging over the edge of the bowl. (This end will dry up and need to be cut off before stuffing. Keep doing this and lay the ends that are sticking out of the bowl an inch or two apart as you put them in the bowl, going around the bowl like the numbers on a clock. The first couple are usually the worst to untangle but it will get better. When you use them start with the last casing you put in the bowl since it is on top. Putting them on the tube can be tricky. I run some water in the casing and once I got them started I put the tube completely under water in the bowl as I worked the casing on.
Good luck and be patient!
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Nogoer , I used the fermento , and yes it is a bit pricey , they did snap although I had to hang em to dry a few days ... could have used more tang , should have cold smoked longer than 8 hrs as Rytek suggests , but it was the first time I made em , so I wanted to start there .... next batch I will double up on the peppers ( white n black )and ground mustard in the recipe and also add some cayenne as well as more japs ... taste and texture were great , just not spicey enough

werdwolf ...
definitely more japs ...

mulepackin .... it is a great basic recipe , but it does need tweaking to satisfy one's own tatse ... it's quite mild , IMHO.
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When i tried Ryteks recipe i also did not smoke for the times he suggested. I just dont have that kind of time, but i used encapsulated citric acid rather than fermento which shortcuts the process. I was afraid to keep mine out of the fridge and after a couple days the collagen casing started getting soft. My texture also was not the best.
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