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I got hoop dreams coach!

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So the title has absolutely nothing to with my question... well ok, maybe a little.

Anyways, after a couple years of fighting with ECB's and the like, I'm currently enjoying my pitmaster. But... I was thinking about going with the gas this summer.

My questions to you fine folks are:

1. Have you seen, or do you think it would be feasible to convert my pitmaster to a gas smoker? If so, what would it take?

2. If converting to gas, what would I need to go all the way and hook it in to my grill's natural gas supply line?

3. Or.... would I be better off tossing the pit on craigslist and going out and finding a GOSM? I ran around to all of the local wally worlds yesterday and didn't like what I say... namely a Charbroil verticle which looks flimsy at best and some other off brand that I had never heard of, but was cheaper than the Charbroil.

Am I to far out on the edge here, or do you think this is feasible?

Thank you all...
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I've seen threads here discussing conversions to gas, but I don't remember where. If you are otherwise happy with your pit, it is not difficult to make the conversion. Check out this link for a conversion kit.


Alot of the verticle gassers on the market, including the GOSM, are made of very light and flimsy material. I bought a GOSM recently and like it alot. These smokers perform pretty well as long as the wind isn't blowing.
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Seenred gave you a good link, I use one of their burners in one of my horizontal cookers I cook commercially on every weekend. Good customer service too.
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Thank you... that's exactly what I was looking for.

I always hated the barrel smokers, never used a cabinet smoker, and really like my horizontal so I think I'll contact them and see about converting.
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