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New Member from Mississippi

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I was glad to run across the SMF site. There looks to be a lot of good information available here.

I've been grilling and smoking for several years, but have just gotten serious about it in the last year.

I started out smoking Pork Shoulders on an OLD (but almost brand new) Brinkman Vertical Smoke 'N Grill. My grandfather had given it to my father back in probably 1980. He never adapted to it. (He loved his Weber Kettle). So it was there and like new when I fired it up around 1990. It was so old it had no door on the side to tend the coals or water. I had to pull all the grills and what was cooking on them out to add coals.

Several years ago I picked up a Brinkman Smokin Pit Professional with a side fire box for FREE. I really have enjoyed this smoker.

My mainstay is still the Boston Butt, Pork Shoulder, and pork ribs. Within the last year I've started working on rubs and am really enjoying them. I smoke a pork loin for the first time yesterday and was REALLY please with the way it turned out.

Anyway, I hope to learn a lot here as well as contribute something meaningful on occasion.
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Welcome to the site. There's lots of good information here, but it hardly sounds like you're a newbie.
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. You'll find lots of info and some great recipes here. Have fun and happy smoking
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welcome aboard-good people and a ton of info
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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you get pretty good deals on smokers!biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the warm welcome!

You know that hadn't occurred to me, but it is a fact! (So far anyway!) I got the SNPP free from a store that was trashing it (brand new). It didn't have the hardware to attach the firebox, two legs were slightly bent at the top, and the wood for the work surface was missing. I had no trouble fixing all that and have been smoking on it ever since.
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Glad ya found the SMF Family. Hope you stay a while and share some smoke with us.
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Looks loke your going to have a great time picking up tips and ideas, now that you're part of the SMF. Welcome my friend, and keep on trying different meats, it's all good.
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Welcome to the forum. Lots of info here and lots of friendly people.

Great price on your rig...Fits with my Motto - if it's free, it's me!

BBQ Eng.
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Welcome to SMF
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A nice welcome from us and glad to have you along for the ride. You have a nice smoker there-have one myself. This is a great place to learn and feast!
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Welcome to SMF! You'll like it here, you're among friends.
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Welcome to the forum Mharrison, looking forward to your input here. :)
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Welcome. There is a wealth of knowledge here. Look forward to your input!
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Welcome to SMF you ole stump jumper!!biggrin.gif
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