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Smoked And Cured Chix Thigs

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I haven't done these for a couple of weeks. Man, I really miss them I could eat them every night and are healthy.

They were on sale for .79 a pound.

The start.

They are defrosting now and in the morning I will dry cure with Tenderquik and smoke tomorrow night.

I put Bubba's favorite marinade icon_wink.gif with lemon pepper and granulated garlic, let them set for a while to dry a bit.

In the MES with a drip pan of Chix stock. I used hickory and mesquite with a little lump at 190' for a bit then kicked it up to 275' for the finish.

All done, I had one right away, yum.
They were great as usual.

The BONUS? A nice smokey chicken stock for soup which I will probably use for my wild rice smoked chicken soup with mushrooms.

Thanks for watching.
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looks great Ron
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It looks delicious Ron. I like how you started out at a relatively low temp then kicked it up. It does wonders for any type of meat in my opinion(within the bounds of safety).

Thanks for sharing,

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Looks mighty tasty ron!!
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That's some good looking chicken, Ron. Thanks for the Qview.
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Nice thighs. I'd like to try that sometime. I imagine the thighs don't require you to inject, just soak?
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Just rub TQ on the surfaces and put in a zip lock for 4 - 8 hours. 1 TBS per pound, then rince before smoking.
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That's really good for sure.

Another bonus is the bones. Smoked chicken bones, meat scraps and skin in a pressure cooker for 40 min. will yield some might fine smoked chicken stock.
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They look great Ron !!! Love the crispy looking skin .
Is the TQ just for flavor , or a safety buffer so you don't have
to worry about over cooking and drying out the chix ?
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Thanks Ron... I needed a healthier smoke idea after the fattie I ate this morning...
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It does add a nice flavor and also seem moister and a different texture.

Here is a comparison I did awhile ago. On the right uncured, left cured, same smoke time, same everthing.
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