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Got my first drum! - Page 2

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Nice score!
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Nice build...lookin forward to you're first run!!
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Awesome build. Great info!! Points.
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Get a 2" PVC adapter with the pipe thread and use a piece of PVC pipe for an exhaust, nice n lite!

By imn88fan
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You can buy a smoke stack from Char-griller for a CGSP. I believe it's like $20 something shipped, but they are nice and light. I bought one for one of my projects.
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The Burn In

So I cleaned her up and soaked her with a good spay of PAM. Filled the basket about half way with Kingsford Blue. Here she is with the Deeze (aka Dumb Dumb) licking up the PAM spray off the gound.

After the coals got going I put a log of cherry on for good measure. Now she's smokin'.

I left the lid off for a bit to get her good and hot then slowed it down and now I have one cap on. Before I go to bed I'll close the ball valve half way with one cap off. Be interesting to see what is going on in the morning. Saturday I'll do some chicken for her maiden voyage. Thanks everyone here for all the input and support.
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With one cap off and the valve half open you're going to be running fairly hot. I usually run with the ball valve around 1/3 to 1/2 way open and all caps on, depending on weather. That's running around the 240F mark.
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Closed both caps and the ball valve about 1/2 way. She was still cooking when I go up this morning. On Saturday we're cooking!

I need to add a shelf and some gromet holes for my polder probe.
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