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Brisket is on

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I managed to get my brisket on a little after 1 this morning. It's 27 degree with a windchill of 19 and snowing. It's coming up on 4am and I'm having a hard time sleeping. The uds temp is running at 230 as I type with the brisket temp at 131. Everything seems to be going pretty well despite mother nature.

Well I'm fixxen to try and get a bit more shut eye. Hopefully I won't sleep though the Mavrick alarm if it decides to go off, lets hope not.

I'll try for some pics when it gets done.
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Hope it turns out well.

How big is she? What kind of rub did you use?

I should really smoke something this weekend sice I'm off. Don't know what though.

Good luck. Keep us posted!
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Keep us posted on the progress, it sounds good so far.
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Your smoke sounds good....the weather sounds shi!!y. Good luck.
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While we all are waiting, maybe you can give us some details on how you prepped the brisket, and any other details. Thanks for sharing.
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Good morning folks,

It's 8:11 with the drum chugging along at 235 and the brisket at 147. It's a balmy 32 with the windchill of 24 and snowing. One nice the thing about these drum smokers; they run well no matter the weather conditions.

The brisket is a trimmed down 12.37 lber so I'd guess it at 10.5 to 11 lb. I have till 3 this afternoon before I would like to have it resting. It is a basic black pepper rub with the usual suspects, nothing fancy.

Here's a pic before the smoker.

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Sorry about the weather, however it sounds like you are in the middle of a great brisket smoke.

Good luck
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Great start.I like briskets in the 12 pound range.What type of wood.Are you doing burnt ends or pulled.Good Luck.
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Gonna be a fine brisket right there PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'm using apple wood and going to take it to 200-205 to be able to pull. The fuel is Old Hickory bricks (made by RO) and is suppose to have hickory in it.
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Rick...looks great so far! Mmmmm :)
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Just a quick pic.

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Looking really good. icon_smile.gif
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Cool, i have always wondered what smoke ring with apple would look like with some hickory.
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Looks good Rick. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Keep us posted.

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wow keep the qview comming thanksPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here's the finished brisket. It took right around 14 hours to reach 195.

It's in the cooler all wrapped up and ready to take to a party. I didn't want to cut into it before it's time to be served.....sorry no pics of the smoke ring.
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NICE!!!!! I have one I am going to throw on here in a little bit.

This thread has been a real nice tease. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I was able to get a pic of a few slices. This was my first time foiling a brisket and I must say it turned out very good. It was a total hit at the party.

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Wheehoooo. Nice food pron sir. I should stop looking at q-view before I head to bed. All you guys gets me started on the late night snacking and I'm already over my weight limit. That IS beautiful for a first time. Great one!
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