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Almonds, and stuff

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Did some more almonds this weekend. Found a disposable sheet of close weave aluminum to use for the almonds. Have used it twice and figure I can get a few more uses out of it.

Anyway, marinade was water, salt and molasses. Soaked for a couple of hours while I got the fatties and ABTs ready to go on.

Ready to go on the smoker.

In the smoker with the fatties.

Out of the smoker. Ready for the coating. I probably left them in a little longer than needed. The ones on the edge were a little well done.

I keep experimenting with the coating or shell. This time it was brown sugar, butter, cayenne pepper and cinnamon and a touch of honey. Heated it up in a pan until bubbling, tossed in the almonds and stirred. After they cooled, I broke them up and started munching. This was better than last time. Last try, I had too much honey in the mix and I had to put them back out in the smoker for about 15 minutes to harden the coating to a shell.

I also did some sweet potatoes on the grill with the ABTs.

The finished sweet potatoes. I also dust them with Splenda brown sugar and cinnamon. My kids like them a little more done and soft, and the wife and I like them a little crisp.

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Everything looks good. icon_smile.gif
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Looks great Bright!! thanks for sharing
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Great Idea with those sweet potatoes!
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almonds look good ill have to try a smoke myself
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