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Butt injection question

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I got an injector for my birthday and haven't had a chance to use it. I think Tuesday is the Smoking day!

Well Butts are on sale for $1.49/lb, which is pretty good out here in the boonies.

I want to make one for eating and will smoke to internal 145 and use Dutch's mahogany sauce.

The other 2 or three will be for pulled pork.

Any suggestions for a mix for the injector, and about how much per pound of meat?
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Recently I have been making a marinade. of beer, WS and spices, sucking it up into the injector and injecting it into the meat while it marinates. Working out well.
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I use several different things but I always keep some "Cajun Injector" marinades on hand as well for quick and easy. Garlic and Herb is pretty good
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What are you going to do with it at 145*?

The cajun injecters are what i use, avoid the needle that are open tipped, they will plug
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Cajun injector wins my vote too. I like the Creole Butter.
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Inject or my opinion...butts need to cook longer than that. Pork loin is what youre lookin for.
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Yea 145 ain't high enough for a butt
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try a spicy bloody mary mix as a injection........yummies to follow
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thought I read For just slicing up to go to 145. Should I go to 165? The ones I will pull will take up over 200.
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I think that what you read was for pork loins
When we make canadian bacon for slicing to fry later it's 140/145 .
Safe temp for pork to eat is a MIN. of 160 .
Usuall take my butts to 185 or higher.
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145 is safe

according to the food safty class 145 is safe to eat
you will still be able to slice if you go up to 165 175 and you may "feel" safer hope this helps

as for injections try bbq sause if you have a favorite make a marinade you like and put it in the blinder
cajun injector is always easy and good
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Could you post the link to the food safety class,please
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the class has put on by the health department for my church back in tampa
the church has a pre-school and prepares lunch for the students every day
it was one of the requirements by the health dept. to be certified for food serrvice

sorry that there is no link smokebuzz
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