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Hello from Delaware, Ohio!

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I guess it's time to introduce myself. I decided to get a smoker last year. I'd been cooking ribs and pulled pork in the oven with some success, but I wanted better. I bought a used ECB from a Craigslist ad, and used it about five times. I had a lot of trouble getting the temperature high enough, and finally decided I didn't have the patience to become a charcoal jedi master.

After a lot of reading, I decided to get a GOSM-type propane smoker. I figured I'd probably get the model that Lowes sells. I wasn't in a hurry; it's still cold around here and none of the local stores have the smoker in stock. Then today I was in Menards (a midwestern home improvement chain like Lowes or Home Despot), and found that they had a few actual GOSMs in stock! I just got it home and haven't unpacked it yet. Now I guess I'm off to the store to get some meat!
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I don't have a GOSM but someone will be by shortly. I live in Lexington near Mansfield. Welcome Its the spot.

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Welcome to the forum Kenster!
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA.......I have a GOSM and love it.......great smoker for the money!
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Welcome to SMF, Kenster. You will learn a lot here. biggrin.gif
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Goodluck! I have a GOSM in addition to my wood smoker. The GOSM is very user friendly and just as tasty!
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Welcome to the SMF. Congrats on being able to find a GOSM, you'll get plenty of good use and good Q too.
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Welcome and enjoy the forum! Just 2 hours north of you!
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Hello and welcome to the forum
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"Hello from Delaware, Ohio!"
So which is it? Or are you addressing us as "Ohio"? biggrin.gif
Welcome to this most helpful forum!!

of course I'm kidding!
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Welcome from just south of ya near Columbus.

Cold weather????

I use my GOSM every weekend.
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Howdy from Columbus. I've had my smoker a while now, and they don't have much of a selection during the winter months.

Interestingly enough, GFS sells hardwood charcoal, about 16 lb bags for pretty cheap...haven't had the time to go out and buy and try tho.
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Welcome aboard!
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I grew up in Delaware, Ohio. I think they probobly still have my picture up in the post office biggrin.gif
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welcome Ken
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