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Let's get rid of some of these forums.  

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The best way to dilute a forum is to micro-manage and have a forum for every topic under the sun. I suggest cutting the number of forums in half or to 1/3 the current.

With that said, I think this is a great place with better info and community/culture than most online forums. I'm just saying that some things are getting lost in the shuffle with the 60-some forums that currently exist.
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I just say to get used to it, it will become easier once you learn how to navigate it. I would also suggest you go to roll call and introduce yourslelf and your equipment and experience.

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Speaking for myself here, I can't get enough. A topic for everything that comes up is not only helpful but can get you wanting to try something new. Just my opinion.
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Doooooo WHAT?
No way..... and why?
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Not usually too cool to walk into a new house and start suggesting changes to the decor, especially without introducing yourself. I think once you've spent some time here, you'll come to understand why there are so many forums. This is a broad hobby, with a lot of offshoots. Yeah, maybe a few things get overlooked, but all in all its a great place.
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Nice first post,, Maybee you should introduce yourself befor *****ing
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Hey Bob.

Welcome...I think. Have you ever had the feeling that you said something that you shouldn't have?
BTW, what ya been smokin?

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bob, good to have a new member to the forum. we consider it a courtesy to go to one of those excessive forums called roll call. tell us a little about yourself and your smokers and what you like to do.

as far as viewing the threads, you may view them by active threads within all forums, which incidently is my favorite way to view and i think most others as well. so you see these excessive forums play no part in your viewing.

however say you are just interested in briskets... you would want to pull up the micro managed beef forum and would be able to save a ton of time by only viewing beef related threads.

i think its only a getting used to the forum type a deal and you would appreciate it for what it has to offer. is it perfect... no, it never will be for all people. i am guessing you signed on because you found something interesting here. hopefully you continue on and sign on in on the roll call forum... thanks
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Well, now that you've suggested how to manage a forum, maybe you can manage to introduce yourself. Please tell us a little about your smoker/grill and maybe some of your experiences with those great tools of the trade. I've moved your thread to roll call, thus giving members a chance to give you a warm welcome. It's all good my friend, just give it a chance.
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des just shakes his head.
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smf is a great place to be we welcome all new members.
we ask to show us what ya got .
help is always available if ya ask.
enjoy your time here.
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Dang.. Dude kinda rough entrance. Settle back and enjoy this place it's pretty nice.

Oh and welcome to SMF.
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I agree! I have been doings this for a long time now and I discovered things here, in some old overloaded topics that I had never thought of before. Maybe you should give it a go FIRST!!!
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why dont we just eliminate everything from the forum except your posts then you could have free say and do it just how you like.so if every member will graciously quit posting then maybe we could make this a forum that can be enjoyable to all
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Welcome to the site!

I just click the link in the top nav bar that says "new posts" and it allows me to view only threads which have been posted in since my last visit.

If I wanted a specific piece of information I could browse to the specific forum that best fits what I need to know, OR click the "search" button directly next to the "new posts" button in the top nav bar and enter a search query.

Maybe it seems a little micro-managed, but this is a fairly high traffic forum and I think it benefits greatly from a little bit of organization.

Again though, welcome!
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Wow, way to make a first impression.
Nothing more to say, that hasn't been said already.
Welcome to SMF....enjoy your stay.
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I am new here and I quickly learned the navigation. (and I am not the brightest crayola in the box) This site has been a great learning area for me. I agree with just kick back and give it a try! icon_rolleyes.gif
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Wow.....gonna leave it at that
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I'm speechless.....PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Welcome welcome welcome, this place can always use another pot stirrer. icon_rolleyes.gif
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