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Well I bought 6 more varieties of Tomatoes over the past couple of days. More novelty types, but I'm excited none the less. Also picked up a pack of multi-colored sweet peppers.

I wasn't planning on doing any spices, but decided what the heck and picked some up the other day.

Also, I was doing a lot of reading on gardenweb.com (awesome website) and saw people growing corn in containers, so Ill pick some of that up today at Lowe's.

I also got another half cubic yard of soil, and filled up another 20+ containers and will get some more Lettuce, Spinach, Cucumbers, Squash, and Zucchini going. I'm gonna get the watermelon transferred over to some bigger pots and make the cages out of extra 2x4's I have and run rope back and forth through the vertical supports for the watermelon and cantaloupe to grow on. It will be 4' x 4' x 8'. The neighbors behind me will wonder what the heck Ive got goin on back there.

Flash, I am going to pick up some 72" cages at Wal mart in a day or two. They have them for $2.47. I'll probably anchor them to the fence when they start to get bigger.

I'm having a blast doing everything and can't wait to start reaping what I'm sowing.
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I like your enthusiasm BCFishMan. The best way to garden is to jump right in. You will have some great success as well as some total failures. Just like actual farming. Beware though, it is damn addictive. I till more and more turf every year. Soon I'm going to have to move into the front yard.

I'm negotiating with my neighbor about doing some sharecropping. icon_rolleyes.gif

My potatoes went in a week and 1/2 ago. Peas the same day, and onions went in about a month ago. The last of the turnip and mustard greens came out just before the taters were planted. Cabbage too. We've been having some really tasty slaws for a couple of months now. I cut the first two asparagus spears for a salad the other day, and swiss chard and arugula have lasted all winter for salads. This weekend radishes and mesclun will be seeded directly.

I have two main garden areas both about 25' x 25'. I do a four year rotation to keep down diseases. Fertilizer is organic only and is usually limited to what we produce in our compost piles, heaps, bins and tumbler. My wife is the Queen of Compost (and proud of it). She used a rare day off last week to fill my pickup truck with horse manure - the bed of the truck, that is...

Anyway, good luck to all noob gardeners, and BCFishMan please update us ocassionally. I'm interested in how your venture comes out. I'm thinking you're going to have your hands full with some of those melons and indeterminite tomato varities. Florida spring time is vegetable heaven.
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started my pepper plants from seed this weekend, still awhile till planting, ussually around memorial day here in pittsburgh for most stuff
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It is addictive. Thats for sure. I just finished makin a bunch of markers for some of my other plants.

I got one of the varieties of the Corn planted along with the Cilantro, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Assorted Bell Peppers, Brandywine and Jubilee Tomatoes.

I am still waiting for the 4 other varieties of tomatoes to show up.

Here are pictures of the 7 "novelty" style tomatoes. These are the ones I ordered and/or have planted. NOT TOMATOES I HAVE ALREADY GROWN.

Ananas Noire

Aunt Ruby's German Cherry


Green Zebra


Mr Stripey

Old German

Also, I just finished the watermelon trellis today. It is 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep by 8 feet tall.

Everything is a learning experience this year, and Im sure every year moving forward will also be.

Ill post more pictures in a week or so to show the progress.
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Great thread BCFishMan.We started our onion seeds wednesday.Hope to have in garden mid-late march.I put onion sets in first of march and start snow peas at that time as well.Looks like a great start.
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