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2 pound brisket Q-View!!

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After 18 hours in the MES (yup-18)

The pull (could have used spoons, man it was tender!)

Pulled and ready for the open-faced sandwich

Served up w/ the wife's red pepper and onion fried taters

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Wow! That a long time for a 2 pounder! Sure looks tasty!
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It probably didn't have to take that long, but I wanted to give it a REAL slow ride up to 200 degrees...12 hours naked, 6 hours in foil. It got up to 160 and then hung out there for about 6 hours. I'm full and happy!!
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It sure does look moist and tastey. Sometimes them small pieces take a while. weel ya stuck it and and were rewarded obviously.
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Holy hell! That's what I was thinkin!
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Looks darn good....way ta go!!!
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Looks tasty. What temp were you smoking at to take that long?
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Looks very tasty! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well, Jersey, I smoked it at 220 most of the time, starting at about 11:30 sat night(wakin up every 2 hours to baste). It gained temp right on up to 160 degrees, then plateaued there from 5 am until about 9:30 am. Started climbing again, and looked like it was gonna hit 200 way too soon, so I foiled it with the rest of my baste at about 11:00, dropped the temp to 205, and let it gently run up to 200 over the next 6 hours. Super moist, best I've done no matter the size! I'm thinkin' I must have accidently done something right in there somewhere...don't know how.
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Looks great!
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