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Spritz mix

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I am going to do a brisket tomorrow and I am going to use Southern Comfort & Apple juice for the baste. Any tips on the mix of the two? 50/50?

Remember I gotta save some for me! The So Co that is!
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50/50 or thereabouts is what I use. Lately I've been using spiced rum and cherry juice. It's pretty darned good. I've also added a little Worcestershire sauce to the spritz with good results on briskets. Good luck!

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I go as close to 50/50 as I can as well. I like to use any type of rum and apple juice. Never done a brisket but works well on pork and chuckies.
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100 or 80 proof either 60/40 biggrin.gif
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I better stop drinking it then!
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I go 1/3 whiskey, 2/3 apple or cherry juice. I just rather sip my whiskeybiggrin.gif.
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I mix mine 70/30 apple juice to whiskey. It must taste good mixed in order to taste right after the smoke in my opinion...Happy Smokes Billbo
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Start with 50/50.

Also, be careful about how many times you open the lid on that Brinkman. Those things are tough enough to work with without the lid being frequently opened.
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spray/ mop

I allways use around a 70 / 30 mix juice to jack.
i add worsterchire and about a cap full of liquid crab boil.
For pork and poultry i add molasses too.
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