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Too funny Kurtsara.

I'm a clean nut when it comes to cooking. For a grill you can burn off any old food but the smoker requires a different approach. I don't clean the inside of the smoker, just the racks and water pan and drip tray if needed but most fat falls into the water pan.

For the racks a good product if you have never tried it is Dawn Power Dissolver. This stuff is like magic. Spray on and let sit 10min and it melts through most gunky grease. A hot water rinse and a soft brush will bring the racks to shiny stainless steel again. I foil my drip tray since the smoke residue it very sticky and hard to remove. I have found some disposable aluminum pans that fit as a drip tray. For a long day of smoking these are great. Toss and forget. Okay not as "green" but works well.
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Just got back from the Sam's in Lufkin TX and they had the MES right at the front doors along with many other types of grills and thousands of pounds of Kingsford charcoal. They had this gas grill "thing" probably 20 feet long that even had a sink and fridge for a couple of grand!
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Hi All

First of all –Thanks for all the help.

I tried to post here eailer, but when I hit submit, it said it could not connect. So this time I am tying I word, so I can easly repost(if needed).

I brined a pork butt. I preheated the smokehouse to 225.
I put butt in a ‘veg foil pan’ (foil pan with holes in bottom)
Put the veg pan in another foil pan – put pan on second rack from bottom.
Put meat thermometer in butt.
Filled water pan with water.

Added soaked apple wood chips (1/2-3/4 cup per hour) for 4 hours.
Top vent was ¾ to full open.

Weather here in Gulf Shores AL was 50 in am to 70 in Pm- winds were calm to 5-8 mph.
I was somewhat disappointed in that the temp was 210-218 most of time. Heater was on most of time.

Butt hit 163 in about 13hrs. Wrapped in foil, took out at 193. Put in towels in cooler for one hour. Was hard to wait the hour.

Also, made some kickass beans. Pork was DELICIOUS, and moist. I did not baste at all. Beans were super.

I did sit and watch thru the window the smoke roll around in smoker. It was interesting, but kinda like watching paint dry.

I must say I was pleased with smokehouse. But I do wonder if heating element is under rated.

Jerry Christie
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Were you using an extension cord? If not I would call CS and see what they say.

Also no need to prolong the smoke by soaking the chips.

Glad you are happy with the smoke.
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Yes, I was using a power strip about 4 ft long of #14 wire.

Would that make a difference?

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Don't any of you guys use the "lawn method" to clean your racks? You can just lay your dirty racks in the grass overnight. In the morning the crud will rinse right off with minimal scrubbing from the dew that has soaked the racks all night. Works even better if there is any rain. The next morning just clean 'em with a little soap and water and all the baked on crud comes right off.

Good luck with the new will love it!!

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If you are going to use extension cord w/ MES
you need to go to hardware store, lowes , Home depot and get some 10guage 3 wire cord.
Buy heavy duty (20 amp if you can find) male and female plug and make a heavy Duty cord. make just as long as you need to. Made mine 10 ' . do not use anything smaller than 10 guage and you'll be fine
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Yes Jerry, it is not reccomended.

What he said ^.
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