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Old pro's

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Where has everyone gone? I havent seen Rich, WD or some of the older BBQ vet's ones back on here. Does anyone know there emails to where we can get ahold of them and let them know it is back up???
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Gosh - I hope we didn't leave them on the old server somewhere! Maybe somebody should go back and check...

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I think everyone your talking about has posted in this thread
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That's funny, I wonder if they're stuck in like a time warp continuum since we only got restored to October?????

Maybe they're back to the future!
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Still havent seen Richtee do any posting.... He maybe lost..
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He was on at 12:54 PM today.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Heh...not lost... Just busy more than usual. Might be outta town for a while as well soon. But it's money!
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