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Permission to come aboard again.

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Time to do this again I guess. icon_smile.gif

I've been visiting the site here for sometime now and really enjoy all the great information and recipes you folks share so I thought with your permission I would like to come aboard, again.

I'm 66 and from Western New York and live in what's known as the snow belt. (Read lots of cold, blowing winds, and snow.) I've been cooking over open fires and grilling since my grandparents started teaching me around age 11 or so. I got interested in smoking from an old Seneca Indian friend I worked with in 1967 and had a ball doing it untill he pasted on in '75 and then I just lost interest and gave up on it until 1999, then that bug hit me again. Now, being retired and single again, I have more outdoor toys than I know what to do with. So along with my neighbor and friends I have about 8-9 big cookouts a year with 30-40 people at a shot and I both grill and smoke and love every minute of it.

My list of fun toys:
Weber WSM
Weber 22 1/2" OTG
Weber Smokey Joe Platnum
New GOSM 3405BGW
Brinkman Smok'n Fire Pit
Old Homemade Plate Steel Smoker/Grill(Semi Retired)
Homemade 1/4 Keg Grill
Fiesta Gas Grill
2-4'X 2' Homemade Open Fire Grilling & Cooking Racks
Large Collection of CI DO's, Skillets and Pie Irons

Nice meeting you all and have a great day.
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Pleasure to have you here at SMF. Look forward to your posts & smokin!
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Thanks for the welcome. I really enjoy this place.
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA. Get rid of that snow and fire up that smoker.
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