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Daughter's Birthday Brisket

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Sorry just getting to post these photos from my daughters 5th birthday party. Smoked a 7.75# brisket. Started it at 3:30 am and pulled it off and sliced around 3 or so. Turned out really good with great flavor. Had to let it sit till the overnight in the refrigerator till the party the next day. Here are the photos:

Had great smoke going and great moisture/flavor. Had a really spice rub and mop that finished it off great! Also made a homemade bbq sauce, but might have had too much molasses.
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Sounds like you had a great smoke for the b-day party! I tried the link but the page wasn't valid confused.gif .
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try it now. i think its fixed
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Your smoke looked like a success (the link worked). I appreciate great qvue and you sir have done just that. Points for you, my friend! biggrin.gif
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Thanks. I had done one a couple weeks ago, but no photos. So I made sure to get this one on film. I have been doing pretty good with pork lately and just branched out to beef. I appreciate the kind words. What does it take to get on the OTBS?
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Here's a link to the OTBS thread and how it works. With photos like that, I'd say you're on the right track icon_smile.gif
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Nice looking brisket. Happy belated birthday to your daughter, I hope it was a wonderful one.
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Thanks RickW

It was a great birthday and the family thought it was all really good. My brother-in-law found himself a spot at the table and just kept going back for more. couldnt blame him, was really good. had that kind of heat that after a plate your temples are sweating!!!!biggrin.gif

Since I have more time now here is what i did. I mixed up my own dry rub and rubbed it the night of 9/25 and wrapped in saran wrap. set in the fridge until 9/29 at 3:30 am. Fired up the electric ECB, thru on some JD oak chips. on went the brisket.

now I think I made one change that seemed to make my temps really high. i lined the water pan with tin foil. The temps inside the ecb were really high and fast it seemed. So I dont think I will do that again.

at 6-7 am that morning i started mopping with a JD mop that had som Louisiana Hot Sauce and Asian Chili Paste. I mopped every couple hours. around 1 pm it hit 160 degrees.

At that point I wrapped in tin foil, poured in the rest of my mop and sealed. Set back on the smoker until around 3 when it hit 190-200.

Took it off, wrapped in towels, placed in cooler for an hour. took out, sliced and poured juices back in. placed into the fridge.

Had hard time seeing the grain of the brisket so sliced to the best of my ability.PDT_Armataz_01_06.gifPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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