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Oregon Scientific ROCKS!!

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A few weeks ago while smoking on the back patio a quick storm went through totally unexpectedly, getting the remote sensor on my O.S. Talking BBQ Wireless thermometer wet. As I expected, it quit working a week later despite my attempts to dry it out, taking it apart, etc. (I'm a Radioshack Store Manager, know the corrosion drill all too well, esp w/ cell phones). I wrote to their Customer Service Dep't to see if I could purchae just the remote unit or did I have to buy a whole new set (as is often the case replacement portions just aren't available, only whole sets at full retail).
Just got a note back from them that they will replace the remote unit at no charge, plus free shipping! They rock!!
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thats good pops,, I got a good package from maverick yesterday too. My food probe on my ET-73 messed up on me and I called them and they told me they would send me out a free one, yesterday the packabe came and they sent a food probe and also 2 extra smoker probes. You really do get what you pay for dontcha.
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VERY cool. Thanks for the Head's up! I have always thought they had good equipment as well.
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I have amaverick too, real tuff stuff, before I found this forum and told not to, I used to wash the probes in the dishwasher and they never give up!!

now I scrub them with a little elbo grease.
I have had mine for 6 years now, But I am ready to get a second and third unit, I will still look at the maverick, but I will also check out the scientific too

Thanks for the post!
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Its great when a company steps up and does something good you sure don't here about it much anymore
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I've never had to do it, but I've heard if you ever have a small electronic that gets soaked with water, you can submerge it in rubbing alcohol immediately, and that will displace the water and the rubbing alcohol evaporates fast and prevents damage. I would recommend taking out the battery first.
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hey everybody, I don't know if any of you have tried this , but those mr. clean magic erasers are great for cleaning your probes, where the smoke clings to them it just comes right off, and since you squeeze all the water out of it before you use it , it's basically dry.

You all should try it sometime.
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