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I'm with ya Jok! Mighty talented gal she is!!
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Yeah, she needs her own TV show I am tellin ya! It would be great! I am not just sayin that cause she is a woman either! She just flat out walks all over all of us for sure! What a bunch of wanna bee's we are...She at the very least need her own dedicated forum on here. I could go on and on...wink.gif
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I think you've been around long enough to know this has all been said before Jok............and she hunts! :-)
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I know DINGLE I just like hearin myself type LOL...
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Oh my Bros and grills.. I havent laughed that loud and long in a long time...Oh man...after the day i have had (it was rough)...With the two openers and the shopping cart and the " hot seat" and the next door next door picks and Soarkrebel...the deer head rack in fridge....Omglol im hurting...LOL and cowgril can cook boys and thats all im going to say about that,,,,,(in my best forrest gump voice....Thanks to all im still crying. This was too good man, I went back to the two stoves and like to have lost it again...see the burn marks on the one on the right....where there is a will there is a way...LOL
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I hear ya okie joe! Are you ok? You are lookin kinda skinny!biggrin.gif Just J0kin, Glad you enjoyed it! I didn't know it was gonna come to this but I am glad it did!
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My Smoke is bad to the bone....BBBBad bad to the bone....joker and it is all because of SMF my que has taken aunt and uncle was her for few days from Washington state and i fixed brisket ribs chuckie and a 92 year sharp as a tack uncle said it was best he has ever had....more times than i could count,,,he loved the BBQue song and the one about the smoker....good times man...
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Just tryin' to keep some of their fine high bred dogs off my place! I haven't got a picture of them yet. The branches are from the Russian Olive tree. The ditch is a wastewater runoff from the other neighbor's alfalfa field. These jokers keep letting their garbage and old tires filter into the ditch so I have to clean it out. Nice place, eh?
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Bro that place looks like somthin off the movie Wrong Turn/Chainsaw Massacre or one of those hack'em up flicks! I think I saw the words "HeLp Me" written in blood in the window of one of those campers?eek.gif Run Bassman Ruuuuuuunnnnnn.... LOL
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