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6.5 # Picnic

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Just got new Smoke Hollow #6 Electric on saturday and did a couple fatties. Let it warm up yesterday to 240 on the door temp gauge. Threw on pork and let her roll. Read some reviews on here about issues with their temp gauge. Mine burned up friday..long story. Went to store and got one and my temps were 300+ when probe had said 220-225PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif . Foiled at 175ish as the temp came up way faster than i thought due to high temp. Brought up to 200 and set in cooler wrapped for 2 hrs. Pulled last night. Turned out good but dryer than i wanted, not bad but a little dry. I figure lack of smoke flavor may have been due to short cook time. Only about 5 hrs. Other than that the smoker seemed great and held steady temp through rain storm. Ya know what they say...Practice practice practice. Coulda been worse.

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Yep. You got the right attitude. I've had a few strange one's myself, one's that made me sit there scatching my head for a minute. But, you get another smoke rolling later after the puzzle pieces seem to fit and yer off to the races.

Happy smokin'

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when I have a smoke go funny it makes me want to smoke more. Practice makes better, no such thing as perfect but it's fun to try!

Good job, points for a positive attitude!
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Great attitude!! You can read every book and website about smoking meats, but experiance is key, learn as you go. As you have learned a good thermometer is probably the most important tool when smoking meats.
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I know your fairly new here but.....

By imn88fan
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