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too seasoned?

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someone gave me some pecan wood yesterday..but he said it has been seasoned for 2 seasons...looks pretty dry....is this too seasoned?
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Now your just being silly LOL
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Kajun... I had to pare down a chunk of pecan I had today..was a bit big. It was so dry that I didn't really think 3 times about using my Wustoff chef knife to do it. POP! I DID think twice...but it was that dry.
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Only time it be to seasoned is when yall grab it an it disintegrates! Then it all be to seasoned. I've used oak that was 8 an 9 years old, works just fine long as it ain't gettin mushy on yall.
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That's good to know. Several small Oak trees fell over the last year and I need to do something with em.
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