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Smoking Bob

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Guess i did my first thread wrong, sorryPDT_Armataz_01_15.gif New to smoking,did a few salmon a few years ago in a electric smoker. I know have a GOSM, just got it seasoned and am ready to smoke. This is a great site, lots of info on smoking. We are going moose hunting Oct. 13th, hope to get one and try smoking some of it. Any suggestions on smoking moose would help me. Would like to know how to smoke tuna fish, temp & time. Have briskets and ribs in freezer, can't wait to start smoking them. Lots of good ideas in this site. Jeff's 5 day course was a big help for me.
Thanks for any help and a great site.
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Hey Bob, welcome to the jungle.............We want q-view and we want it now!biggrin.gif Good luck on the Moose, I've had it canned, roasted & bbq'd but never smoked. Keep us posted.
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Welcome to the SMF family. Its a great place. Enjoy it.
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Looks like the first post was just fineicon_smile.gif

Welcome again to SMF Bob,look forward to your first Qview.
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welcome to SMF bob-lotsa great folk in here-I know of a few threads about moose,do a search and see what comes up.
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Naw nothin wrong with yer first post bob, We just headed yall in the right direction, like I said for, Welcome board!
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A tip I learned on here is to just do one small item for your first smoke with the new smoker. That way you can learn the quirks of your smoker, and have lots of time to make adjustments. There is no chance then that you might ruin a whole smoker full of product. Then the next time with that experience under your belt you will have a perfect smoke.
icon_smile.gif Welcome to SMF
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Thank you for joining our family!
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Welcome to the SMF, plenty of members who hunt and fish and smoke too!
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Welcome aboard and good luck on the moose hunt/smoke.
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Glad to have you here................
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