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8 Pound Butt Slide Show

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Click on the pic.
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I'm sure you answered this somewhere, but whats up with the searing??

Doesn't lock in any juice but wondering if it locks out the smoke, very little pink on your meat, or is that just because its a gasser?

Might have to try that sear on a butt, looks like it gives it a nice bark! biggrin.gif
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. . . _ _ _ . . .
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Ok Ronnie.....Great slideshow, however, just got home from the bar and I felt like I was watching Startrek the way those pics were coming at me! I kept having to duck!! LOL
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ron's been running an MES...
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Not going to share your secrets? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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yeah..........inquiring minds want to know! ! !
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I get plenty of smoke taste, but it is a electric. I have beeen searing butts for years even before smoking, adds a nice flavor and bark.

Sorry Bubba it got buried. I didn't expect any responses from the test forum.

I have an idea to try on my next one that I'm prety sure will give me the smoke ring, if I don't forget.

Any more questions?
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Ron, I say this with respect but you crazy man. I just figure out digital Q-view and now you gotta start a new revolution in Q-view. Sheesh man. Keep it going buddy. I enjoy your efforts. Nice smoke.
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Nice job Ron....You're always going the extra mile! Keep up the good work my friend!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks man.

Thanks Gene.

I was just lookin at the slide show thing in photobucket everytime I was there and had no clue how it worked. So I created one, very easy BTW, and saw how it looked there but had no idea how it worked here. So I did a test never expecting a single comment. Its nice but I didn't see a way to add a comment with each pic.

Anyway, thanks for the comments guys.

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love that slideshow man!!! i seen that option but never gave it a thought... great smoke too!!!
PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif HUGE points on slide show dude!!! keep it comin man!!!
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icon_wink.gif Thanks man. It was just an idea. icon_idea.gif
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