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teaching my nephew how to smoke

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teaching my 3 week old nephew Levi the fine art of smoking ribs. never to early to start learning how to smoke in my opinion.

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Never too young to start learning!! Congratulations on "unclehood".
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good job... you teach him right so he doesn't have any bad habits to unlearn like so many here...
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Way to go. A future member of smf. Oh, and um, nice game yesterday.
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thanks daboys GO SKINS, and thats right hopefully i dont teach little levi any bad habits till hes old enough to really make my little sister pull her hair out. isnt that what older brothers are for.
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Great pics PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Linda said "Awwww , What a cutie " icon_smile.gif

Yep won't be long now . Levi and Uncle Joe eating briskets and ribs watching the Skins do what they did last night cool.gif
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Won't be long an he'll be nawin on a bone! Nice work!
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And those ribs are looking good ! Great qview PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Heh... I got my nephew the SAME plastic drums and the same annoying "vacuum" popcorn popper thingie my little bro got MY kids when they were young! icon_evil.gif

Fine lookin' young man!
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Nothing like a smoke to bond folks together. Congrats.
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