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First time rib smoke

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Hey, guys, I'm smoking my first ribs, and I was using the 3-2-1 method, however when I went to unfoil the ribs, unfortunately the fell apart (just into 2 pieces) other than just setting both pieces back in and letting them finish - anything else that I should do? I'll definitely have to be more careful next time! Don't worry, qview is coming!
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unfortunetly, that happens with foiled ribs at times, just get them back on the smoker unfoiled and spray and or glaze. they may firm up some.
i foil also but, useally for an hour or so, some times not at all.
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I 2nd what smokebuzz said. I foil ribs for maybe an hour to an hour and a half. Two hours is definately too much. I have found that the 3-2-1 method should be more like 2-1-1.
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OK, so I got them off (no pics - sorry - the wife ran off with the camera and was gone waaaaay too long, something about printing pictures of our son, talk about priorities out of wack!), and tented them, let them sit for an hour of so, and decided to dig in. I think I may have used too much rub. The meat was done, and delicious, but the rub was basically just a paste on top of the meat. No real bark, except on the sides where there wasn't as much rub. Pretty disappointing. I have a butt on there too, it's now foiled, and sitting at about 175 - hopefully it'll turn out better. Any tips for creating a crisper bark on the ribs?
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At what temp did you smoke the ribs? I have grown to like about 240-250 and do a 2.5-1-.75 method. A little more heat and a little less foil time might get a little more bark. Did you rub them in mustard and then with rub?
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Yeah, I rubbed in mustard then rub. I was reading between 240 and 250 consistently at the lid on my WSM. That should have been about 225-230 at the grate.
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Tenting them probably kept a lot of moisture on them, causing the pasty rub. I foil, but usually 1.5 hours instead of two (depending on the size of the rack), but then back on the smoker to firm up and finish cooking. Oh well, there's always next time.
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On the factory thermo? Those are pretty much junk. As suggested, keep the temps up a little for a better bark. Sounds like you steamed them, and din't have enough temp to dry the "mush" back out, especially tented.
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No, the WSMs don't come with a factory therm. I had read on that you could use a candy therm through one of the top vents to measure the heat.
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Hmmm...well, I know nothing about those... soo... grain of salt?
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Hmmmm i would tend to follow the advise of the pro's here. Get yourself a digital thermo.
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I thot you owned a WSM rich?

I just stick a thermo, digi or dial through the vent hole ,works for me. i got one to be bored and mounted as soon as i get the ambition.
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