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Starting my UDS

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Ok, got my drum for free..... I've looked at some of the other threads about building a UDS, but I still have one question. Is the ball valve the only air source or do you need to have more openings? I'll post some pics tomorrow.
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yea, you're going to want more openings; especially when starting the thing up. But you don't need ball valves on all of them. Just cut 2 additional holes and put 2 short nipples with caps in those. When I grilling on the drum, all of the caps are off. When I'm smoking, I usually only have 1 open and the ball valved cracked slightly.
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3 openings at the bottom are enough to get started. Once up to temp, usually keep one fully open, close one, crack the other. Of course, all depends of weather conditions too.
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The nipples would be cheaper too than the ball valves! Thanks much gents!! I'll probably be closed to finishing to follow.
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I have (2) 3/4" ball valves in mine and most always end up closing one and partially closing the other with hotter burning lump.
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Good ol' Harbor Freight has affordable ball valves.
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yup, but i'd say a pipe and cap is still a bit cheaper.

redneck guru might even eliminate extra vents altogether
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You may want to look at these vent covers this thread uses for the UDS.
I'm thinking of using this on mine.
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