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Dang! I waited too long!

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For my Lang that is. Been droolin over the 48 patio forever. Ben just raised the price by $300.00. Dangit! I mean I know its worth that but that just makes it a little harder to pull off, if you know what I mean. The good news is my wife still wants it too so maybe someday.....
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Here is another thread where we are discussing the new prices:-)

Lang's "3rd generation" smokers!!
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Yeah I know Steve but it just hit home today. I guess he could raise it another 300 and I would still be sold.
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If it helps at all, these 3rd generation smokers are still well worth the money. Every thing is hand built out of 1/4" plate, it will last many years. Your grand kids will be smoking with the Lang.
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Did the price get raised during the middle of the sale ?
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i betcha price went up due to the rising cost of metals...i work alot with metal vendors and their quotes are good from 6 hours to 3 days if you're lucky...he probably raise the price due to cost of steel
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Hey everythings more expensive these days. Gotta live with that. I just wish I coulda beat the increase.
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I think he meant while he has been considering purchasing....
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My daughter ordered our 84 orig ($2795) on last Monday and by the middle of the week they went up to $3495. Did we luck up! I can't wait for Oct 10 to pick it up.

Cost of steel and more man hours are required to make them, is what I was told.
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sorry bout that. seems every thing is on the rise. I was planning on getting a lang ( a larger one) for myself after I retired next year. this will give me a good reason to sell off my dogs, but then they won't fetch much either
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congrats big D's, you made a "great deal"! Almost like having a 20 % off coupon!icon_smile.gif
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Capt Dan, I never bought anything that increased in value before I brought it home. I can't what to look at it and smell it cook. The daughter and I have talked about this since May and finally made the move.
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coyote.. how much do you think you can get for dogs that dont fetch? I got three and would sell em all.
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LOL. either way we better start putin coins in the pickle jar..LOL.
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