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Thought of you while I was mopping a couple butts this morning, get well soon and come on back.
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Thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

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Sorry to hear about Pops, I wish him well and will say a prayer
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We are rooting for Pop's speedy recovery...place is a little less brite now God Bless.
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I will add Pops and His family to my prayers. I hope he has a speedy recovery.
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I have been hoping for a positive update! C'mon Pops!
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Best wishes and a speedy recovery for you Pops.
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Pops-get well quick!

All our prayers are with you and looking forward to gettin ya back on!
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I just got out of the stroke unit at arlington mem hosp. my typing is w one hand, my left hand - primary - is numb so is my wrist and forarm. i'm now lo-cal pops lol- putting a bird in the brine (spleda vs sugars!) today for the weekend and have to make chx and trky sausages when i get better. thanx soooooo much for your prayers and wishes. please excuse my lack of syntax and poor typing.
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Glad ta hear your doin OK!!! and STILL SMOKIN!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Really good ta hear from ya!!!!!
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Who cares about your syntax and typing ????
Just glad to have you back PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome back! Keep the smoke rollin.
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welcome back Pops!!!! great to see you smokin again, is amazing what they can do for you these days and dont worry about your typing. looked just fine to me!!! wel come back!!!
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Best news I've had today.
Glad to see you're well on the way to recovery.
Good food has got to help ;-)
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Looked Great

Pops your typing looked great! Glad to hear you're back and smokin!!!!
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Glad to see your back and doing well!
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So glad to have you back Pops!
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Welcome back Pops. what's wrong with your typing I can read it so it must be ok
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pops, were glad to have you back, it's nice when you see prayers answered. How's your wife? We'll keep the prayers going.
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DEFINATE welcome back Man!
I've got a 68 year old buddy GOOD BUDDY who had a couple strokes and he's fine now.
GOOD to have you back!
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