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jeffs rub ?

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so to those of you that have tried it i understand its good and am ready to try some but my question is this .Saturday i will only have an hour or so to rub /season babyracks or maybe st. louis cut .is this enough time for jeffs rub to work or are there any suggestions as to a good one that will work in the time frame
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you'll be fine. Many folks rub their meat just prior to smoking!eek.gif
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It Will Be Fine, It Takes About 10 Minutes For It To Get Wet, And That Is When You Don't Have To Worry About It Falling Off. On Ribs I Usually Dont Let It Sit Overnight Anyway.

Hope This Helps
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wouldnt that be a health concern.biggrin.gif
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I always wash my hands before and after
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Especially ribs, rub em while the pit warms up!
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