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Anyone know where I could get this made cheaply?

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Can be steel** or aluminum, does not have to be heavy gauge. Can be one piece or two, though 2-piece would be advantageous for covering/storage.

If I can get it cheap enough, I'll do the reverse-flow thing on my Smokin'Pro.

**Steel preferred of course
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Exhaust shop.
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morning coyote... go to o'reilly's or auto zone and get a tip and some pipe for exhaust... go to lowes and get a pipe flange and some screws and sealant and go to town,
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I was hoping to get it welded (I have a wife to whom such aesthetics on patio furniture are important lol). I've asked around here, and no one wants to do the 10 minutes labor for less than $75.

I've been considering doing it myself, but wanna explore the possibilities first. EDIT: Given the CGSP's lack of upper support, a weld might be necessary for it to work.
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Would it be easier to just cut a new hole and move the existing stack and cover the old hole with a cover piece ?
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A heavy duty (semi) truck parts shop. They should have a multitude of preformed exhaust pieces, flanges, etc. They will even have chromed or polished pieces.
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I was gonna suggest a truck stop :)
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Not for what I'm seeking to do. See the attached pic.

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I would think an exhaust shop. I have a friend here who runs a muffler shop. He could do that in ten minutes.
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I see you live in NY. Where in NY?
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Well you know, You could probably call around to some junk yards and find one pretty cheap. You'd have to clean it out real good with a power washer or something. Worth a few phone calls outta the yellow pages.
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Once again, the think-out-loud nature of this place (along with all the valuable feedback) is helping arrive at a plan.

Right now, I'm considering 3" round aluminum downspouts. Would save significant weight, and they are inexpensive... being on the 'south' side of the cooking process an aluminum chimney ought not impact flavor. But is there any 'draw-up' benefit achieved by having a hot steel stack instead of a slightly cooler aluminum stack? Does the smokestack metal change the nature of the airflow?
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Are you just ignoring us???
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haha..you serious? what is it, a smoker ,or patio furniture?

we aint knitting quilts out there
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I saw something like this made outa stainless steel in Lowes or Home Depot the other day when I was lookin for whatever it is that I look for when I go there. It was in the bathroom section and I think they were shower/toilet handles for disabled people, I am not making a joke by any means! I think I really saw what you may be lookin for!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I just had one made at an exhaust shop without the flanges on the end. I attached it at the lower 1/4 of the opposite end as the firebox on my Silver Smoker Char Griller. I also used a piece of 3/8 ths rod from the top of the smoker chamber to go out and around the exhaust pipe and return to the smoke chamber. I had to use a torch and heat it to get a nice bend; then MIG welded the rod and the exhaust pipe. Hope this helps. Rich Happy Smoke rings from Sedalia, MO.
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Just my .02 worth....exploring ALL possibilities?
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An old set of headers for a hot rod would have pipe and flanges. Use grinder with thin cutting wheel to cut it. Then bolt up.
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What? Did someone say something??
Actually the muffler shop right across the corner from where I work was my very first stop on this quest; he said he couldn't do it. Else I'd be here braggin' on my new smokestack instead of pathetically seeking to build it.
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OK, I think I've got it. In concurrence with JOK3R-X's railing concept... if I use two water pans as shown in the pic below and have all the smoke come underneath and then up between them, I could use the railing which has a smaller diameter in conjunction with the existing stack. A dual-stack smoker.

Anyone have any thoughts? Criticisms? Any reason such an arrangement should diminish the smoking capability of the unit?
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