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What is this unit?

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Here is a URL to a photo I took:


A restaraunt near me..or the owner..approached me and asked if I wanted it.


All of the doors open cleanly..no major rust anywhere, inside is clean..although some surface rust..and the smell of burger grease. Hasnt been used as a smoker in forever.

Will take front photos tomorrow.

But..OMG..$700? (and I have access to welding hardware for mods)

The firebox as seen here, and a higher section on the other end, could, and have been used as simple charcoal BBQs.

The center area has 4 shelves for smokin stuff.
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Looks like a fuggered up Lang, kinda. Warming box at the wrong end? Prolly almost worth it in scrap and the trailer eh?
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Only $700. That would be a good deal if its in good shape.
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The link you posted I can not veiw, but I am quite interested in veiwing it. Can you post it in a different format? Thanks!
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Hmmm seems it would be hard to load too ;{)
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Firebox, smoker and then a warmer unit..... tough to tell of the value, I keep having to turn my head sideways !!! But thanks for getting a pic posted I could veiw.....
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Why is that? I couldnt get a front photo..the building was being painted and stuff was there.

But..that firebox opens from the top like my itty bitty home unit does, just the air vent seals better than mine, and the whole side opens to clean out, unlike mine.
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It seems to want to sit on a wall instead of the ground? LOL!
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Give it it a try on negotiating and let the seller know you will pay X if the pigeon droppings are included !!!

If it were in my area I would be interested, anything can be modified if need be.....
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weird design, Carefull when ya open it, something might come flying out and growl at ya!biggrin.gif

The design of it makes me wonder if it is a fuel hog.
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Pay the $700, get some new tires, drag it home and give it some love! Ya ever see the movie Christine? Well there ya go, just hope it doesn't start killin peopleeek.gif ... I can see beauty and potential under the pigeon shizzle!wink.gif
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Full image set..

Ok..heres a more complete image set.

Sorry I screwed up one photo.

It will at the very least (beyond a cleaning and some basic refresh of some trim)..require rails for tuning plates, the vent tubes need extended down, and some fireplace seal on the doors, which are all straight and even up with the body nicely.

Flicker Images:
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Dude, that is a diamond in the rough! Get it... Plus you will take more pride in it if you fix it up yourself! Does it come with the 55 gallon drum also LOL? I love the setup on that beast, go get it! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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All joking aside..what about the setup do you like?

Im not a seasoned..or even LIGHTLY experienced smoker to be able to tell the good from the not so good.

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Well first of it looks similar to the design of this pit except for the fire box is on the other side and the one you found has a trailer. The one you found seems to be built much more heavy duty than this one which sells for I believe around $4000.00.

I can't say for sure because I can't really see the inside flow design but these are all things that can be fixed or modified/tweaked with some light work if there is a problem! The far end could be used as a warming area depending on the plate setup. I like the middle rack area! It all really depends on the flow design on the inside and the distribution of heat/smoke! It doesn't look like it would have alot of heat loss being that it is very heavy and the fire box looks to be the right size to handle it!
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Looks like a hybrid vertical/horizontal ?reverse flow. I doubt it is a brand per se, but rather a custom built job. I am inclined to think it has potential, but I have access to a complete farm shop with all the metal working and welding equipment I would need to make it right (if not the know how). If the funds are there and you would or could make any needed mods, I'd go for it.
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Thanks..your words go a long way.

The steel is thick.

It is 2x thick on the doors.

The inside portal from the firebox to the first cooking area, is wide open..so it needs a baffle and plates.

The center box sides go down to about 1/2 way into the lower chamber.

I was thinking also about extending the center box vent all the way down, with adjustable vents on that extended tube, to regulate temperatures at each shelf level.

Im not sure..because ive never used anything this big..how much heat gets all the way to the box on the farrrrr end. But im sure some DOES.

Im in a beginning welding class, a buddy of mine does nice gas/tig/mig welding, and will go in on me with it..and of course weld for free. A third person I work with may go in as a third.

I think it'll work..but comments/ideas like yours, truly are a huge help.
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It looks like you have 2 stacks, one on the center box and one at the far end from the burn box so I don't think you will have a problem getting it up to temp it should draft the heat/smoke all the way across the smoker without a problem. Sounds like you have a pretty good idea of how these things work and all of the connections to make it happen! Good Luck!!!wink.gif
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Is being able to partially close one of the drafts or the other key to determining which area is what temp when you have more than one?
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