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How do you become a member?
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Start here...and there's another post too..Hmmm
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Well that answers that I guess I better get to smokin. Thanks again. My name is Chad and have only been here for a few days but its been awesome. I think you commented on my first smoke I posted last night if not check it out.
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Better to start here at this link to keep you out of trouble.

This gives the rules to the Order Of the Blue smoke. Whereas the link Richtree has given you was posted before there were any real rules.

I followed those first beginning requirements much to my embarassment as they no longer apply. Things such as a requirement to be active in the forum for 3 months before consideration for membership in OTBS will be considered.
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Ooops..heh. My humblest apologies... PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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You're just lucky they still have the negative points thing disabled. LOL
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