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Spare Ribs

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I just bought Jeff's Rub Receipe...I believe it will be one of the best. Too many people raving about this...
Here is a picture of the start...I am going to let them set overnight and fire it up tomorrow..Hopefully I will be able to add more pics later...


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Jeff's is a great place to start. Don't be afraid to tweak it to your liking, and keep the Q VIEW coming.
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looking good steve...........looking good
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That's the way to start a great smoke, congrats and keep us posted on the progress.
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That is looking good. I also brought Jeff's rub and it is very good. Put it on a flank steak the other night and it got positive comments from the family.

I would however like to tweak it a bit to make it sweeter for my pork smokes.
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Sweeter? Wow, you've got a sweet tooth. I had to cut back on the sweetness and add some more salt. All to your individual taste though. Kuddos to Jeff for giving us a good starting place!!!
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Those ribbies look like they are very happy!
Don't forget the q-vue!!
Happy smokes!
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Spare Ribs......spared....

Boy howdy I thought I had ruined these ribs...I put them on the smoker about 10 to 7am this morning...First ones with Jeff's naked rub. Well around 10:30 or so things were looking good. So I thought a nap might work. Well I napped till 12:30pm...Oh no, the ribs. I ran out and the internal temp was at 181. I shut it all down, let them set a bit. then took a bite...They still tasted very well to me...They looked over done to me, but the taste is very good.
Thanks Jeff for a great rub receipe..


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internal TEMPS?????

ribs, are not normally checked with temps.........too many chances of getting the temp probe next to a bone........ribs are normally done, either 3-2-1, or least here in my world..........they are the only thing done by time, ............
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Yes Walking Dude, I agree...I had the probe in these and they went to 181 degrees..they still turned out great. I did not foil or add a sauce or anything. But when I realized the temps were that high, I felt like they might of dried out too much. They really didn't. Still very tastey. Smokers are great ain't they. I do much better with it than a grill. Thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated.
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oooohh my....nice!
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They look pretty good too me icon_smile.gif.
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Be more'n glad to take 'em off yer hands if ya like... looks like great bark! The color is perfect!
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please pass me a plate PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great, i'd eat it if I were invited biggrin.gif
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