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total noob

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Hello, I just started cooking outside, most of what i have done up till now has been in the microwave or came out of a box. I use a webber type kettle but hope to work my way up to a gas or charcoal smoker someday.
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welcome Kow,
If you like you weber you'll love a charcoal or wood smoker! I still use my weber for small smokes.
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Hi there,try a charcoal ECB,its cheap and can turn out some real good Q,got my first one 8yrs ago still got it and would not part with it.
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Welcome to SMF Kow! Like was mentioned, the ECB or Brinkmann water smoker is a cheap and easy <well, sorta easy> way to get into true smoked foods. There's a few mods, and a little babysitting involved, but it's a classic. Besides all you need to know about the li'l bugger is right here at your eyeballs!
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Welcome and enjoy. This should be a great adventure for you!
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Welcome Kow. Come on out to the real world where the food is great.
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Lmao - when someone like rich says things like that, it's a a bit like an experienced car machanic looking at the total junker and saying: 'yeah just needs a little fixin' up and she'll be fine'.

I think sometimes it's easy to forget what it's like to start right at the beginning.
If I were you I'd look at a Chargriller with a side box - many of the forum members have these. Very cheap in the states.
It has the added bonus of being just about the best charcoal griller on the market and with the side box a good hot or cold smoker as well.
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Welcome kow..this is your one stop shop for all your smokin needs...Check out the free 5_Day eCourse..lots of good info for starting out
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Welcome to the SMF family, glad you joined us. Lots of good folks here to help you out. Ask any questions you have, someone will have your answer. remember the only dumb question is the one you never asked. This place will have you smokin like a pro in no time
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Euuuuu, You will find that real food is much better! Welcome aboard.
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Welcome kow. You're about to enter a whole new world to your taste buds.
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Hey Kow,

I have to agree with the posters who have recommended an ECB. It seems to be the smoker that the majority of people here have started with. I know I did and I still use it. Whatever smoker you get, it will be a great addition for you. I personally have 2 smokers and I am wanting another one. Good Luck and be careful, this stuff is addictive.
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Glad you're part of the SMF. Many folks have great Q on a weber, just have to use the indirect method of heating, a little practice and you'll have it mastered.
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Welcome aboard Kow!!
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Welcome from another newby to the site. My first intro to cooking on a grill was a small 10"x 12" ceramic pan with a electro element inside and a small grill on top, cooked many a steak on top that. Many years later I have found my preferred method. Sure wished I had a site like this to learn from back then. Just remember its not the size of the smoker, its how you use it!
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Welcome to the forum KowKuker! Glad to have you aboard. :)
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Welcome to SMF kowkuker!you will do just fine here...plenty of good advice and ppl to hekp you along...but...some porkkuken is mandantory here as well(j/k) lol.
Happy Smokes!
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get out before it's to late!

this smoking stuff is addictive.
you found the right place tho
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Welcome, and don't forget to check your local classified's and flyers for used smokers. I got mine for $50 and I like it alot, plus you don't feel bad about cutting or modifing a used smoker like you might a new one. smile.gif
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welcome aboard. Do not forget to look at craiglist for smokers too. I adopted my second smoker from there, a GOSM charcoal.
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