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Proper introduction

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Thanks to Capt Dan and Richtee, I have found another way to waste several hours at work and home. icon_smile.gif

My name is Ryan, and I reside in Michigan. I recently had Capt Dan and Richtee do my annual Cigar-BQ. I have always prepared my own BBQ, but this year, I wanted to relax and actually socialize with my guests, instead of having to tend to the food all day. I met Dan over at our hunting/fishing forum, and due to the overwhelming kudo's Dan has received, I knew I could not go wrong hiring him for the task of feeding my 80+ guests.

A little about myself:

I am a career firefighter (13 years on the job), I have been smoking and BBQ'ing my own meat and fish with my father for years. My Dad passed away Oct 2007, and I took over his Smokey Mountain Stainless smoker. Actually, I borrowed it a few years ago, but never gave it back to him. I enjoy cigar collecting (ask Dan and Rich), bourbon (ask Rich), river flyfishing, upland bird hunting with my compliment of fine gundogs, and of course, food. I learned to cook from my Greek mother, and of course my father. I enjoy cooking here at the station, and also dinner for the lady. I have gone through trial and error with BBQ, and I have learned alot being here for only a few days. I hope to pick your brains, and if you fine gentlemen have any questions regarding cigars or bourbon, please ask!

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welcome Brother !!!
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Dont think of it as wasting time, but as further educating yourself in the fine art of slow cooking with smoke.
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Welcome Capt..You sure picked a couple of shady characters to hang out with..LOL..Just kidding..I respect their opinions and advice greatly have learned alot from them and they don't even know it..I do know Rich likes bourbon, I've seen pics..And Cap Dan can do a mean rib roast..I've even seen pics of you...Hey all kidding aside I appreciate all you brave people do for us and let's keep in mind that many of you gave their lives to helping people this day 7 years ago..Thanks firefighters all over this great nation we live in..I salute youPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome Ryan.
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Ryan welcome to SMF glad you joined us even after meeting those two biggrin.gif
Actually Dan and Rich are a couple of the people that make this place so great. There is definitely lots of info here and some pretty good recipes too. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome to the forum, glad to have ya here!
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Well well! Welcome to SMF Ryan! Good to see you! And yes...I fear the place and the people here are addicting as smoked brisket :{)

Enjoy, Sir- and someone here will know the answer to about anything to do with BBQ guarenteed!
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Welcome to SMF, Glad you joined us.
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And a big howdy doody from beautiful downtown Hell, Michigan.
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hey Ryan! welcome to the wonderful SMF family. Glad to have introduced ya(somewhat) to the crazy world of smoked meat by the kilo!

Have fun here, its impossible not to.Hope that smoked chuck goes well for you and the grouse gods treat ya fairly.Can't wait to see your new Lang when it gets there!icon_smile.gif
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welcome ryan... we won't hold anything against you... except no q-view

p.s. thank you and all for the service to the publix
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Ryan, Welcome to the SMF from Plymouth. I have learned a lot from C. Dan and Richtee myself. Look forward to see your Lang in action.
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passion is smoking jerky

PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Well I am another Washington ion smoking in the rain, just purchased a GOSM propane smoker and am trying to get the temp lower than 200f

any ideas? or should I just go ahead and try the needle valve idea?

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Welcome aboard, glad ya joined us.
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