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I paid $1.39 per pound, which is quite a bit more than what i paid the last time at 88 cents a pound.
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nice lookin Bacon, and smoke. Way to make me hungry again!
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Looks great!
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Andy that bacon looks great. If I didn't have to drive through Detroit I would be knockin on your door right now.
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I can almost smell it! WOW...
Mossymo gave me a lesson on bacon the other night in chat..But I am gonna have to do a little research on getting the pork bellies....what is paprika bacon? OMG that sounds yummy...then opens up a whole new to do list in my about some smittys bacon...? wow! YUMMY!
Thanks for the post!
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andy, what cure did ya use on them? soon as i can find bellies, me n my son are gonna try it...looks damn good
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Very nice. I want bacon now.
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Andy, your post could not have been more timely! First, gotta say that those bellies look mouth-watering. Second, I struggled finding bellies and went to a local Mexican market/butcher where he gets whole pigs every Thursday. He'll have them ready for me today at 1p. I've ordered two.

Gonna try Alton Brown's cure recipe.

Andy, Great Q-view too.
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Thanks all that have responded.

Here is a link to a previous post.
This post was from the first time I tried to make bacon. If you need more info on this, pm me and i can create another post. If you make paprika bacon DO NOT SOAK belly in water to rid the salt (you will have to boil it)

Dry cure is the plan (1kg belly= 100grams of salt and 50 grams of sugar, no nitrates).
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