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Smoke envy..once again..

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Ok so I was really tired after such a busy race w/e....
started reading posts..then it hit me...
SMOKE ENVY I hate it when that happens!!
so I took out a tri tip and did a quick defrost...
here are the culprits in this smoke...

For the injection....
rc cola reduced

Fennel & corriander seeds toasted...then ground and added to the rc cola the Smittys!........YUMMY

Now the rub....Earl grey tea & the turbinado sugar (thank you all for the rave reviews on this sugar!) held on with some molassas...

right before going in

I am using oak and some fig..for the smoke
more to come..I am taking her to 135....this time!! lol!
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That looks tasty.....I had the shakes too. After smoking all day Saturday, and with nothing to do today....had to come up with something...lolPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow..careful something don't explode during mixing there! Gotta say...never heard of a mix of that before. Hmmm bet it gives a nice, thick sweet bark. Not for me, but it seems many do love that. Keep us posted pleeze :{)
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looks won the race??
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Sorry for the late post.. all of us neighbors are bbq-u-ing and we are all making the rounds.. I went to the neighbors house for a minute..and then I came back and my tri was at 149* da mn! so once again
I have over done a tri....ok I hate tri now!
here are the finals...everyone one on the block said it was me it was way over done...
The molassas gave it a real rich flavor the earl gray tea a wonderful subtle undertone...the inside had just the right amount of heat with a good balance of sweet from the reduced soda..and the fennel was a great added bit of yummy was a yummy piece of meat had I not over cooked time.....

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Jimmie Johnson won the race BTW, flash!
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Looks great from here.
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OMG, BBQG how do you come up with this stuff? That looks great! another post like that and ill have to dry my keyboard!. Nice choice on the earl grey.
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Nice lookin smoke BBQG. I hate when that happens you're shooting for a lower temp and something comes up and before you know it you've overshot. I did that with some ribeyes earlier. how was the fennel seed flavoring on this tri? I love the taste of fennel but if it's too strong it tastes too much like italian sausage for me. Not that I don't like Italian sausage. lol After all I'm a meatatarian. :)
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I thought he was a football coach, did he take up driving confused.gif
Doesn't the helmet mess up his hair??
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Nice piece of work there.
Looks YUMMY! :)
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