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New addition to the family

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Picked up an ecb this aft. Kinda wanted a smoker we can take on road trips. This seams to fit the bill. Plans for tomorrow got changed so I'll get it seasoned and throw some ribs on it to see how it works. For $28, figured I couldn't go wrong.

The family
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I have the same electric smoker on the right.

Do you have trouble getting it to actually smoke?

I tried smoking a chicken with it around 225 degrees and never got any smoke.
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Do the mods..and get a basket for it. It will serve ya well! Nice team lineup BTW.
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I just use a small loaf pan, put in a couple dry chunks of wood and a couple lumps of RO. Put foil on top, poke a few holes in it and put it right on the elements. Works great.

Thanks Rich. Plan on doing the mods in the morning.
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Mark..........shoulda gotten the gourmet........easier to control temps.......trust me............

but since the got the pos ecb...........check this out for mods

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I already bookmarked that sight. Beat ya to it. Wally didn't have the gourmet. I don't plan on using this a whole lot. Mainly when we go my folks place or the in-laws. I think it work for what I want it for.
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Thanks for the info, I will try that next time I use it.

Anyone know who actually makes the Royal Oak electric smoker? I can't find any info on it on the web.

I bought the ECB at WalMart recently too, here are some pics in this thread of my mods. I get about 2.5-3 hrs of steady temps with it.

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your gonna need a bigger patio lol. are start converting em into tables and stools.lol.. you fire them all up at once and norad will think there was a nuclear strike in your area.
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Looks like you got the smoking mafia setup at your house, Mark! eek.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif Nice set of smokers you have. The little one will be perfect for what you're looking for especially for the price!
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well, the first mod, is drilling holes in that firepan, chop chop
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I'm not sure, but I think they are made by Smokey Joe

Funny you should mention that coyote. The wife and I were just talking the other day about maybe expanding it a little bit.
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Thanks Laurel, I think I'll like it.

Steve, you're behind again!! When I brought it home, I checked to see what I needed for tools. Screw driver and pliers. I also grabbed the drill and bits. Had the holes drilled before it was put together. Um, just one problem though. I, a, drilled the wrong pan. Luckly I had an old pan the same size as the water pan, so problem solved!
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LMAO............LOLOLOLOL...........you KILLING me here mark...........
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Well, you know, I'm not one for reading all the instructions. I saw 2 pans sittin there, at that time didn't know there was a diff. in the 2, and just started drilling away.
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Nice line-up, Mark! I hate to admit it, but, I agree with Steve....the gourmet is easier to use, and just as portable. I'm sure you'll do just fine with your ecb, though...wink.gif

Get that puppy broke in and show us some qview already!....lol

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Thanks Eric. You know, you don't have to agree with Steve. But, I know what you're both saying. For $28, and as little as this thing is going to get used, it will work. It's gettin seasoned right now, and I just cut out a shelf for the thermo's to sit on. Got the SnP going right now too. Trying some lava rocks instead of the water pan before I throw the ribs on this aft.
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Wow! You have a nice arsenal there Mark! Your wife is a real team player!
Many would have said nay, nay at what the 3rd one? lol!!
Fire up that ECB and lets see some q-vue!
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That's a fine lookin family ya have there Mark , congrats on the new addition PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I see a man hut in yer future Mark! One with a nice big covered porch fer the kiddies to reside under! One can never have to many smokers!
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[quote=BBQGODDESS;253415]Your wife is a real team player!
Thanks Kelly. The wife says the more I smoke, the less she has to cook. And she loves smoked food.

Thanks Tim

Tip, I have seen that in the future for a long time! Been thinking real serious about it lately!
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